Year: 25 Week: 43

Episode: 3844

Scene: 19216

Purdil is quarreling with Rahem Daad and he wants to pay money for him but Rahem Daad says that he doesn’t have money. Karim asks Purdil to be kind on Rahem Daad.

Scene: 19217

Shazia wants to go to the province to take part in tomatoes paste and jam making workshop. Her mother, Dilbaro prevents her from going and says that her children would be left alone. Shazia asks Dilbaro to take care of her children.

Scene: 19218

Mullah, Akbar, and Abida are in the village council’s office. Akbar asks Mullah that why he invited them to the council office.

Mullah says that the council has decided that if anyone marries her small daughter, he would be fined.

Scene: 19219

The doctor of the clinic is applying polio vaccine to Momina and asks Karim that why he did not apply the vaccine before. Karim says that his mother had not allowed.

Scene: 19220

Rahem Daad wants to go home after a long time and he visits Samandar on the way. Meanwhile, someone throws a stone and hits Rahem Daad’s leg. Rahem Daad says that he knows that Nazir has hit him. Samandar says that he could not see anyone arround them.

Episode: 3845

Scene: 19221

Rahem Daad goes to Sarwarkhan’s garden and says that Nazir has hit his leg by throwing a stone towards him.

Sarwarkhan blames Rahem Daad that why he had pulled out Nazir’s tooth. Rahem Daad accepts his mistake.

Scene: 19222

Shazia asks her son, Mujeb to get ready in order to go to the province with her. Mujeb asks his about their accommodation. Shazia says that she would ask her sister, Gul Muhammad’s wife to prepare a room for their living in her house.

Scene: 19223

Samandar visits Akbar on the way to home and he asks Akbar about the decision of the council.

Akbar says that the council decided that if anyone marries his/her small daughter, he/she would be fined.

Scene: 19224

\Karim is filling pond with dust. Rahem asks the reason. Karem says the doctor of the clinic advised him to fill any marsh near the village because it might cause many diseases including polio.

Scene: 19225

Nazir says to Baba Aslam that he took his revenge from Rahem Daad by hitting his leg with a stone.

Baba Aslam says that Sarwarkhan might punish you.

Episode: 3846

Scene: 19226

Nazir says to Gulalai that he took his revenge from Rahem Daad by hurting his leg by stone and he asks Gulalai to share his excuse with Sarwarkhan. Gulalai condemns him for hitting Rahem Daad and she promises to share his wish with Sarwarkhan.

Scene: 19227

Abida says to Atifa that the village council decided that if anyone marries his/her small daughter, he/she would be fined.

Atifa becomes happy and says that she would support this decision.

Scene: 19228

Rabiagul goes to Mahjaben’s house and thanks her for telling about the benefits of the polio vaccine. Mahjaben becomes happy for applying polio vaccine to Momina.

Scene: 19229

Shazia visits Nargis along the way. Shazia says to Nargis that she wants to learn how make tomatoes paste and jam in the province but she doesn’t know where the training workshop would be held.

Nargis promises that she would ask about the training and then she would inform her.


Gulalai asks Sarwarkhan not to scold Nazir for hurting Rahem Daad's leg.

Sarwarkhan doesn’t accept and wants Gulalai to send Nazir to him.