Lady Tailor


   Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard

There are many tailoring shops in different cities of Afghanistan among which some lady tailors also could be seen, but AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Hfeza, a lady tailor who has opened a tailoring shop in a remote place of Afghanistan.

Before she opens a tailoring shop, poor women were sewing their clothes at home and those who were in better economic condition, they were sewing their clothes by male tailors. When Hafeza considered the needs of the women of the district for a female tailor, then she opened a tailoring shop in a newly built market in Yakawlang district, Bamiyan province. Later on, 8 other women also opened tailoring shops in the same market.

These ladies sell readymade dresses and accept orders too.

Hafeza started her work with 24000 Afghanis but last time she bought 60 thousand Afghanis cloth. She has learned tailoring with her mother at home for one year.

Who seek he would find:

Muhammad Hashim Sameem, a resident of Kabul city says:

“I had a travel to China. while I saw a home spray in China, I knew that I could produce a better one inside Afghanistan, then I started my work with 50 thousand Afghanis and later I added 600 thousand Afghanis more on it. In this production, we need bottles, 6 types of perfumes, stickers and some special grains. We prepare some raw materials inside the country and we imported some of them from other countries. We spend 40 Afghanis on each bottle of spray and we sell each home spray bottle on 80 Afghanis.