Year: 25 Week: 42


Episode: 3841

Scene: 19201

Rahem asks Shahperai about the woman who was talking with Rabiagul.

Shahperai says that the woman’s son was paralyzed and she asked Rabiagul to apply polio vaccine to Momina.

Scene: 19202

Purdil asks Allah Daad if he wants to solve his father's problem, he should pay for Purdil. Allah Daad says that he does not have money to pay.

Scene: 19203

Sakina says to Ghulam that you and Gulmakai are the main guilts in Nazanin’s death.

Ghulam says that he engaged Nazanin to Shahwali in order to make her life better.

Scene: 19204

Ghotai and Shazia are slicing tomatoes for drying. Shazia thanks Ghotai for helping her. Ghotai thanks Shazia to find her a job.

Scene: 19205

Purdil asks Rahem Daad to talk to Allah Daad and asks him to pay for me. Allah Daad says to his father that no one would harm him and asks him to come back home.

Episode: 13842

Scene: 19206

Hamida asks Nazir about his toothache. Nazir says that it is better but he would take the revenge from Rahem Daad.

Scene: 19207

Purdil says to Ghafar that I am blamed for Nazanin's marriage.

Ghafar says that he did not think that Nazanin’s wedding with Shahwali would cause her death.

Scene: 19208

The sky is cloudy. Shazia and Mujeb are covering tomatoes' slices with plastic. Mujeb asks Shazia to hurry in putting plastic. Shazia assures him that the rain has not started yet.

Scene: 19209

Rabiagul is setting on the boundary of the field. Karim asks the reason. Rabiagul says that she is waiting for Mahjaben to come and apply polio vaccine to Momina.

Scene: 19210

Purdil asks Rahim Daad to leave his shop’s store because Allah Daad did not pay for him.

Rahem Daad asks Purdil to be kind on him, otherwise Sarwar Khan would send him to the jail.

Episode: 3843

Scene: 19211

Shazia says to Nargis that drying tomatoes are a hard job. Nargis asks her to go to the province and learn how to make tomato paste. Shazia says that she could not leave her children alone at home. Nargis says that she could leave her children to her mother, Dilbaro.

Scene: 19212

Allah Daad shares the issue of his father, Rahem Daad with Lalbaz. Lalbaz says that it would be better  to share the issue with Sarwarkhan and asks him to call Rahem Daad and assures him that Nazir would not harm him.

Scene: 19213

Rabiagul visits Mahjaben and asks her to apply polio vaccine to her granddaughter, Momina. Mahjaben asks her to take Momina to the clinic.

Scene: 19214

Ghafar blames Gulmakai for her bad behavior with Nazanin. Abida comes to their house and says to them that It would be better if Ghaffar and Gulmakai accept their fault and go to Ghulam’s house for apologies and condolences.

Scene: 19215

Allah Daad goes to Sarwarkhan’s house and asks him to call rahem Daad to return home.

Sarwarkhan assures Allah Daad that he would talk to Rahem Daad.