ُSun in the Dark

 written by: Mohammad Anwar andar

Sitara and Farid go to the castle. Sitara says to Farid that her friend, Fatima also wanted to come with me to castle, but as she is blind, she could not come.

Mean while Lalo Mama arrives and welcomes them. Sitara told him about Fatima. He opened a window about this issue.


In the window, Fawzia goes to Moheb’s house. , Arifa, Moheb’s sister, who is blind, enters the room and welcomes Fawzia. Arifa wishes to be educated and teache other blind girls how to read and write. Lalo Mama closes the window.

Farid and Setara also wish if the blind people could read and write. Lalo Mama says that there is a professional school for blind girls and boys in Kabul and then  opens another window accordingly.


In the window, the reporter of the castle is giving some information to some youths about professional school for blinds in Kabul. Then he talks to Sediqullah, director of the school, who says:

This school was established in 1979 and has 226 students, 152 are boys and 74 are girls. In the school, they learn Islamic studies, memorizing Quran, exceptional educations as law, administration and management, professional studies including hand-waving, brush making and music.

The reporter talks to Tamana, student of this school. She says: “We study all the subjects as the other students study in ordinary schools. We learn how to read and write with the help of Braille and also we learn computer as well.