Exercise’s effects on Girls and their learning


Written by: Wahida Sabir:


Approximately 40 to 50 students are taught in each class at the same time by a single teacher. But in the same class, we could divide students in three categories: first, those who learn well; second those who are in the middle level and the last group could not learn lessons at all.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some students who could not learn their lessons.

Anahita, a resident of Shakardara district, Kabul province says: “When a teacher teaches us, I could not learn it and I feel tired and sleepy in class.”

Amina, an eleventh-grade student of Omarzaie Girls Highschool, Shakardara district says: “when I come to class, I suffer from a headache, fall in sleep and could not learn my lessons.”

Doctor Nik Muhammad Ahmadi, a neurologist in Zhwandoon private hospital, Kabul city says: “Girls who do not exercise, feel boring and lethargic; their self-confidence might be weak; if they do not learn the lesson, they would not be able to express it and in the result, they might fail in the exam.”

The effects of exercises on the mind and their benefits:

Sadia, a ninth-grade student, Omarzaie Girls Highschool says: “I play volleyball and other exercises, I never feel tired and I could easily learn my lessons.”

Malika, a sixth-grade student says: “I was always failing in the exams but when I started sport and exercises, I get excellent marks.”

Doctor Ahmadi says: “Exercise is a physical, mental and psychological strength. Girls could exercise any kind of sports especially light sports such as walking, running bicycles, volleyball, and even yoga and martial arts. When a person exercises, the movement of the heart increases and the stored blood could be distributed to the whole body. Exercise melts the fat in the human body; exhaustion and stress disappear and the memory works normally.”