Year: 25 Week: 41

Episode: 3838

Scene: 19186

Karim tries to take out Rahim Daad from the store but Rahim Daad does not want to go out. Purdil comes and says to Karim that has given the place to Rahim Daad in his shop’s store.

Scene: 19187

Gulmakai says to Abeda that the women blame me for Nazanin’s death.

Abida also blames Gulmakai because she married a small girl to her old uncle.

Scene: 19188

Shahperai wants Karim to take Momina for applying polio. Karim denies and says that his mother, Rabia Gul does not allow Momina to be vaccinated.

Scene: 19189

Shazia goes to Fateh Khan’s house and says to Nargis that her father gave the deed of a piece of land to her. Nargis congratulates her. Shazia thanks her and wants her to read the deed that what is written in it.

Scene: 19190

Allah Daad goes to Baba Aslam’s mill and asks Baba Aslam if he knows that where is Rahem Daad because he is disappeared from home.

Baba says that he doesn’t have any information about Rahem Daad but says that he would ask Rahem Daad’s friends about him.

Episode: 3839

Scene: 19191

Nazir's face is swollen and he visits Pudil near the hand pump and says to him that he would take his revenge from Rahem Daad.

Purdil says that if Nazir wants, he would ask for compensation.

Scene: 19192

Mujeb brings the kart full of tomatoes back to his home. His mother, Shazia asks the reason. Mujeb says that there were plenty of tomatoes in the market and no one wanted to buy them.  Shazia says that she would find a solution to this problem.

Scene: 19193

Shahperai sees a woman hugging a child. She asks the woman that why she hugs a big child.

The woman says that the child is paralyzed. Shahperai invites her into her home.

Scene: 19194

It is midnight. Gulmakai gets scared in sleep. Her husband, Ghafar awakes her and asks the reason.

Gulmakai says that she dreamed that Nazanin is angry with her. Ghafar says that it is the result of your bad behavior with Nazanin while she was alive.

Scene: 19195

Karim asks Pudil to bring out Rahem Daad from the store.

 Pudil says let him be there in the store till I get enough money.

Episode: 3840

Scene:  19196

Hameda says to Gulalai that Nazir suffered for not paying attention to the cleanliness of his teeth.

Gulalai blames him for pulling out his tooth by Rahem Daad.


The woman says to Rabiagul that due to not applying polio vaccine to his child, her child got paralyzed.

Rabiagul says that she would allow Shahperai to apply polio vaccine to Momina.

Scene:  19198

Shazia says to Dilbaro that her tomatoes might spoi.

Dilbaro says her to dry all tomatoes.

Scene: 19199

Shahwali splashing water on Nazanin’s grave and Gulmakai brings sweetmeat.  Shahwali says to Gulmakai that it was better to have a good behavior with Nazanin while she was alive.

Scene: 19200

Purdil says to Rahem Daad that Nazir is alive and he might submit a complaint against you.

Rahem Daad becomes sad and thinks how to get rid of this issue.