The sinusitis

Written by: Muhammad Nasir Sirat


Sinus is tiny empty holes in the bones of the human face. The inner surface of the sinus is surrounded by a special layer. Sinus gets the way through the nose, and sometimes they could be the reason of health issues to the patient.

Nabiullah, a resident of Maidan-Wardak province says: “I have sinusitis and I always suffer from a headache, and my nostrils are collapsed, sometimes my eyes inflame and I feel fever, insomnia, and body ache.”

Sayed Abdul Hadi Ataee, a resident of Logar province says:” I have sinusitis and I suffer from a sore throat, drowsiness, bad breath, temporal pain, yellow discharge from my nose, and my nose is always blocked at night I could not breathe easily.”

Doctor Abdul Habib Shafaq, an ear nose, and throat specialist, Maiwand hospital, Kabul city, says: “The symptoms of this disease are running water from the nose, nose pain, discharging yellow water from throat or nose, inflammation of eyes, face and also sometimes it could cause a toothache. And it often includes some nose collapsing, and hard breathing during the night. Fever, bad breath, and fatigue are also the symptoms of sinusitis, and if not treated on time, it might create some serious problems.

What do people think about the causes of sinusitis?

Ismail, a resident of Farza district, Kabul province says: “dust, pollution, and smoke are the causes of sinusitis. When I was working in my garden, I face this disease." 

Hija, a resident of Kabul city says:” I have sinusitis, baking bread in the oven, and cleaning home are the causes of my illness." 

The doctor says: “sinusitis has varieties of causes: allergy to smoke, dust, pollen, grasses, nasal polyps, flue and cold and working in industries could cause sinusitis.

How people treat sinusitis at home?

Mohammad Haroon, a resident of Paghman district, Kabul province says that they take lukewarm liquids, soup, sauces, lemon juice, honey, and some herbal medicines during sinusitis.

Doctor Shafaq says: “Sinusitis could be treated by medicines and some hygiene rules are also helpful in the treatment of sinusitis. Some patients have a seasonal allergy, they could put on warm clothes in cold weather, prevent themselves from dust and pollution. If the sinusitis continues more than 3 weeks, it’s called an acute sinusitis and the patient have to go to a doctor for essential treatment.”