Year: 25 Week: 40

Episode: 3835

Scene: 19170


Nazir falls unconscious and blood is flowing from his mouth. Rahim Daad asks him to come on consciousness. Purdil says that Nazir is dead and asks Rahim Daad to escape.

Scene: 19171

Shazia goes to her father’s house. Jamal visits her and asks her to leave Adam Khan’s house. Shazia says that no one could prevent her from her father’s house but Jamal Pushes her, Shazia falls down and cries.

Scene: 19172

Rahim visits Shahwali along the way and shares his condolences with him.

Shahwali blames Gulmakai for his bad behavior with Nazanin but Rahim blames Shahwali that why he married a small girl.

Scene: 19173

Shaperai is sad and says to Karim that his mother, Rabiagul did not allow her to apply polio vaccine to Momina. Karim asks her to wait for the next round of polio vaccination.

Scene: 19174

Purdil takes Nazir to his home while blood drops are seen on Nazir’s face. Sarwar Khan asks the reason.

Nazir says that Rahim Daad pulled out his tooth.

     Episode: 3836

Scene: 19175

Adam Khan, Shazia, and Rahim are in Adam Khan’s garden. Adam Khan wants Rahim to prepare a deed for the piece of the land that he has given to Shazia.

Rahim wants Shazia’s identity card. Shazia says that she doesn’t have the identity card.

Scene: 19176

Rahim Daad is confused and collecting his dresses. Allah Daad asks the reason. Rahim Daad says that he mistakenly committed a murder and now hewants to hide.

Scene: 19177

Hamida complains to Shahperai that most families do not apply polio vaccine to their children.

Shahperai asks her to produce a radio program about this issue.

Scene: 19178

It is early in the morning. Sakina seems sad and wants to leave home. Ghulam asks her the reason.

Sakina says that she wants to go to Nazanin’s grave.


Scene: 19179

Rahim Daad has covered himself in a blanket.  Purdil visits him and asks the reason. Rahim Daad says that he wants to hide in the provincial bazaar. Purdil suggests him to hide in the storeroom of his shop.

Episode: 3837

Scene: 19180

Nazir goes to the clinic and shows some tablets the doctor that Rahim Daad had given to him.

The doctor says that Rahim Daad gave him some tablets to take them. The doctor says that these tablets are special for cattle.

Scene: 19182

Atifa and Fatima go to spring. They see that Gulmakai is coming toward the spring too.

Fatima asks Atifa to leave the spring soon. Atifa accepts and says that Gulmakai caused Nazanin’s to die.

Scene: 19183

Gulalai visits Shazia in the district bazaar. Gulalai asks Shazia about her coming to the bazaar.

Shazia says that she wanted to get the identity card.

Scene: 19184

Shahperai brings a radio to Rabiagul and asks her to listen to Hamida’s program about polio vaccination.

Rabiagul says that she doesn’t want to listen to nonsense.

Scene: 19185

Karim captures Rahim Daad in the store of Purdil’s shop and thinks that he has come to steal but Rahim Daad says that he has hidden in the store.