Year: 25 Week: 39


Episode: 3832

Scene: 19155

Nazir has a dirty cloth in his hand and a black kettle is laying beside him. His face is also black with soot.

His wife, Mahjaben asks him that why his face is black.

Nazir says that he had a bad toothache and applied hot compresses.

Scene: 19156

Shukria visits Shazia along the way. Shukria asks her about the stranger she was talking to.

Shazia says that she was talking to Samandar.

 Scene: 19157

Hameda is talking to Shikeba on the phone and asks her if she is acquainted with the university.

Shikeba appreciates the behavioral environment of the university.

Scene: 19158

Karim and Purdil are standing in front of their shop. Meanwhile, an ambulance is seen on the road.

Purdil asks Karim that where the ambulance would go.

Karim says that Ghulam might have brought Nazanin dead body from the clinic.

Scene: 19159

Dinner is ready. Nazir puts his hand on the one side of his face and crying.

His wife, Mahjaben asks the reason. Nazir says that porridge is very hot and he feels a bad toothache again.

Episode: 3833

Scene: 19160

One side of the Nazir’s face is swollen and his one eye is also closed. Lalbaz asks the reason.

Nazirs complains about his toothache. Lalbaz asks him to wash his teeth regularly.

Scene: 19161

Mahjaben goes to Rabiagul's house and wants to apply the polio vaccine to Rabiagul's grandchildren.

Rabiagul denies applying the polio vaccine every time to her grandchildren.

Scene: 19162

Many women are gathered in Nazanin’s mourning ceremony in Ghulam’s house. Gulmakai also comes. Sakina asks the women to keep away Gulmakai from her eyes otherwise she would kill her.

Rabiagul asks Sakina to forget those issues for the time being.

Scene: 19163

Nazir has a bowl full of foam in his hand and also the foam is coming out of his mouth. Hamida asks the reason.

Nazir says that he is washing his teeth.

Scene: 19164

Shazia, Adam Khan, and Samandar go to Shazia’s ground. Shazia says that her brother, Jamal has taken her water turn. Samandar says that Jamal should be fined. Adam Khan confirms it.

Episode: 3834

Scene: 19165

Rahemdaad visits Nazir on the road to district bazaar. Nazir says to Rahemdaad that he suffers from a toothache and he wants to go to the clinic.

Rahemdaad prevents him from going to the clinic and says that he knows better than a dentist and he would pull out(extract?) Nazir’s tooth.

Scene: 19166

Many people have gathered in Nazanin’s funeral ceremony. Ghulam seems very sad and says that he is blamed for the death of his daughter, Nazanin.

Mullah asks his patient.

Scene: 19167

Shahperai wants to take her daughter, Momina for applying the polio vaccine to her. Rabiagul says that she would never allow her.

scene: 19168

Shazia goes to Adam Khan’s house and wants him to give her the deed of the piece of the land that he has given to her.

Adam Khan says that first, he would think about.

Scene: 19168

Rahimdaad takes his pincers and puts his legs on Nazir’s chest and wants to pull out (extract?) Nazir’s tooth. Nazir faces bleeding and becomes unconscious. Rahimdaad says that the root of Nazir’s tooth is still remained.