No Pain, No Gain


 Written by: Aqsa Sediqi

Usually, we think that something at home or in the environment are useless and we should throw them away. But Sayed Jawad Paya is a person who gets benefit of these cheap materials.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to him about his art.

Paya says: “at the beginning, I was painting on canvases and as those painting had more expenses and did not have customers, I changed the way of painting. I started painting on the Ice cream wooden sticks and disposable plates.

I purchase these items from the wholesalers in the market.

Painting on each disposable plate has about 5 Afghanis expenses and I sell one painting plate for 200 Afghanis. On the first month, I did not have any sale but now I could sell about 10 painted plate and ice cream sticks monthly.”

Working facilities for others:

Atiqullah, a resident of Logar province says: “we provide facilities for women who want to have a job. We train employees in different fields as child caring, Household management, cleaning, cooking and security guarding.

At the bginning, a Polish trainer helped us and he trained our 8 trainers then each trainer started to train about 50 women in different fields. After graduation from these courses, we introduced them to the different organization for work.

We have graduated 45 women and we have introduced them to the different organization and they have hired them. The trainees do not pay us during their training but when they get a job, they have to pay us 30-40 % of their first salary.