Year: 25 Week: 38


Episode: 3829

Scene: 19140

Fatihkhan asks his wife, Shukria if she knows anything about Shekiba.

Shukria says that Shekiba is busy in converting her university.

Scene:  19141

Atifa visits Abida along the way to her home. Abida seems very sad. Atifa asks the reason. Abida says that Nazanin’s illness is in a very dangerous stage.

Atifa wishes that if the people do not engage small girls.

Scene: 19142

Abida is collecting vegetable from the land and Nazir is hidden behind a tree.

Rahimdaad asks the reason. Nazir says that he is owed of Abida.

Scene: 19143

Shukria is sitting beside Shazia in a wedding ceremony.

Shukria asks Shazia that if she has borrowed the dress.

Shazia says that she bought it from the money she has gained from the selling of tomatoes of her land.


Scene: 19144

Nazanin feels pain in her stomach and waste. Her husband, Shahwali says he would bring you some Greek medicines from Gulmakai.

Episode: 3830

Scene: 19145

Nazanin is the clinic. Shahwali asks the doctor about Nazanin's health. The doctor asks Shahwali to pray for Nazanin.

Scene: 19146

Shekiba calls to her mother, Shukria and says that she has registered her name in the university.

Shukria says to her that Fatehkhan also moved toward her.

Scene: 19147

Mahjaben is angry and asks her husband, Nazir that why he had kept her ring with Abeda.

Nazir says that he needed money.

Scene: 19148

Shazia wants to irrigate her land. Her brother, Jamal push her into a stream and says that he would not allow her to water the land.

Shazia says that she would irrigate because it’s the turn of her land irrigation.

Scene: 19149

Ghulam is in hurry and asks his wife, Sakina to get ready for going to the clinic.

Sakina becomes hasty and asks Ghulam if something bad happened to her daughter, Nazanin.

Episode: 3831

Scene: 19150

Samiullah says to Nargis that he is afraid of his father, Fatihkhan if he prevents Shikeba from going to the university.

Nargis says that Fatihkhan would never prevent her.

Scene: 19151

Shazia says to Smandar that her brother, Jamal doesn’t allow her to irrigate her land.

Samandar says that he would solve this issue.

Scene: 19152

Nazir is breaking walnut with his teeth. Sayed Muhammad prevents him and says that breaking walnuts with teeth might have a bad effect.

Nazir says that his teeth are stronger than ivory.

Scene: 19153

Fatihkhan returns from the province. His wife, Shukria asks about the university where Shikeba studies.

Fatihkhan says that the environment is very convenient.

Scene: 19154

Sakina and Ghulam are crying in the corridor of the clinic. Gulalai comes and asks them to be quiet.

Sakina asks about Nazanin. Gulalai says that she passed away.