Unnecessary Anger

     Written by: Najia Nijat:


Bilal and Hosai are waiting for Lalo Mama in the yard of the castle to come and take them to the corridor.

Lalo Mama comes and greats his guests. Lalo asks Hosai that why she has not taken her classmate to the castle as she has promised before.

Hosai says that she is angry with her. Lalo Mama asks the reason. Hosai says: “one-day I have put on my new shoes, and when I went to school, my classmate asked me if the new shoes are mine or I have borrowed from someone else.”

Lalo Mama says that it is a so minor issue that one should not think about it. Hosai says that her other classmates also laughed at her.

Lalo Mama takes them to the corridor of the castle and there he opens a window about anger among classmates.


In the window, the reporter of the castle talks to some school girls. Marwa Nekben, a student in one of Kabul city schools says: “one-day we were writing down the good and bad habits of each other in the class. One of my classmates got angry with me and still, she is not talking to me.”

Another student, Maryam from Kandahar city says: “I had a close friend of my classmate. One-day I faced a problem in my school lesson, I asked her to help me but she did not. After that day we are angry with each other, separated our chair and do not go together to school.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Bilal asks Lalo Mama that how one could solve such problems.

Lalo Mama opens another window about this issue.


In the window, a drama is showing. Nadia is with her other classmates in the classroom and she is painting in her notebook. Her classmate, Madina doesn’t like her painting. Nadia gets angry and changes her chair.

Next day, their another classmate, Fazila bring some French fries and she wants to call Madina too but Nadia doesn’t let her. Fazila reconciles them and says that anger might cause more problems.

Lalo Mama closes this window too. Bilal likes the drama. Hosai promises that she would also reconcile with her classmate as soon as she goes to the school.