Solar-Powered Refrigerators

   Written by: Yama Rahi

Before starting an economic activity, we need to think about it and see where it could be more beneficial.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Hadi Karimi, who produce solar-powered refrigerators.

Karimi says: “most rural residents do not have electricity and they use solar energy for their daily use. As we understood their need for a solar-powered refrigerator, my brother learned the manufacturing of solar-powered refrigerator in one of our neighboring countries and then he came back to Afghanistan. later I learned this skill with him in three years and then we started to produce solar-powered refrigerators here in Afghanistan about seven years ago.

Our productions work by both, electricity and solar energy and we manufacture refrigerators in different sizes.

Our most customers are from Kabul, Kandahar, Helmand, Nimroz, Nangarhar and some other provinces.

Engraving Images on the Carpets:

Jawad Fajr, a resident of Kabul city says: “I started to sell small carpets about four years ago in Kabul city but those carpets did not have a good market.  I was thinking how to bring some innovations in carpets to attract the attention of more customers. As I saw that some foreign companies export some small illustrated carpets to Afghanistan and those carpets had a good market, then I found some of those companies with the help of the internet, I contacted them and they accepted to help me.

I take pictures from the customers and then I send them to those companies in one of the neighboring countries for engraving these pictures on the carpets. This process takes about two weeks and we get about 6500 Afghanis fees from a small carpet but while engraving more pictures on the carpets, we increase the wages too.”