Year: 25 Week:37


Episode: 3826

Scene:  19129

Purdil visits Ghulam in his shop and asks him about Nazanin’s sickness.

Ghulam says that she is not well and her husband, Shahwali would come soon.

Scene:     19130

Shikeba wants to leave home and go to the province for her high study. Her mother, Shukria seems sad and asks Shikeba to take care of herself

 Shikeba accepts and says goodbye to her mother.

Scene:     19131

Shazia and Mujeb are collecting tomatoes from their land. Mujeb says that he doesn’t want to sell them in the bazaar because his uncle, Jamal might visit him and he would beat him again. Shazia says that this time she would accompany him.

Scene: 19132

Shahwali comes from abroad and goes to Ghafar’s house. Gulmakai welcomes him and wants him to drink a cup of hot milk.

Shahwali asks Gulmakai that why she oppressed Nazanin. Gulmakai calls Nazanin a deceitful girl but Shahwali blames Gulmakai for her bad behaviour with Nazanin.

Scene: 19134

Mahjaben is searching her ring in the suitcase but she could not find it. She asks Nazir about it. Nazir says that he is not aware of it.

Episode:    3827

Scene:  19134

Shahwali goes to Ghulam’s house and asks about Nazanen’s sickness. Sakina says that Nazanin is pregnant and she is also infected with tuberculosis.

Shahwali says that he would take her abroad and asks Sakina to allow Nazanen  to go with him to Ghafar’s house. Sakina says that Nazanin is afraid of  Gulmakai and she doesn’t want to go to Ghafar’s house anymore.


Scene: 19135

Shazia wants Mujeb to go to his school again. Mujeb says that the school administration might not accept him.

Scene: 19136

Adamkhan’s wife, Dilbaro says to Shukria that Fatihkhan wants to get rid of his stepdaughter, he sent Shikeba to the university.

Zarmina rejects her opinion and says that it was Shikeba’s wish to go to the university.

Scene: 19137

Karim is eating lunch and asks Purdil to take lunch with him. Purdil says that he is sad for Nazanin’s sickness, because he forced Ghulam to engage Nazanin with Shahwali.

Scene: 19138

Nazir says to Baba Aslam that he gave Mahjaben’s ring to Abeda in order to take eggs from her but he faced losses in his business. Baba Aslam says that he always starts a business without any experience.

Scene: 19139

Abeda goes to Nazir’s house and gives the ring to Mahjaben. Mahjaben becomes happy and asks about it. Abida says that Nazir has kept it with her to take a few eggs from her.

Scene:  19140

Shahwali takes Nazanin to Ghafar’s house and brings her some fruits but Nazanin says that she doesn’t have any appetite. Shahwali says that he would take her to a very famous physician.

Scene: 19141

Shikeba calls her mother, Shukria and assures her that she has reached her uncle’s house. Shukria asks about the transfer of her faculty. Shekiba says that she would try to transfer it as soon as she could.

Scene: 19142

Mujeb comes back from school and informs her mother, Shazia that the long absence in the school, caused him to be suspended from school.

Shazia becomes sad and says that she would send Mujeb to a learning course.

Scene: 19143

Shahwali seems angry and warns Gulmakai that if anything bad happens to Nazanin, then Gulmakai would be responsible for it. Gulmakai blames Nazanin and her family and calls them deceitful people.