Electric Rickshaw

 Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard


Those who want to start economic activities, they have to find out the needs of the people, and then invest in the related field. Some people have considered these points and started their works.

AEPO writer/producer has talked to Arif Helali, a resident of Kabul city, who imports electric rickshaws.

Helali says: “at the beginning, I was a government employee and have a master degree from India, and as I wanted to have my own business, I imported electric rickshaws for sale.

This idea came to my mind that most taxi drivers were complaining about the high price of fuels in the market.

Each ordinary rickshaw uses 300-liter fuel daily but has no convenient income but electric rickshaw needs only to be charged after 1oo kilometer running. Its battery needs to be replaced after 2-3 years of use.

Electric rickshaw produces no sound and smoke and doesn’t pollute the environment. We have ordered the company to produce a small generator to charge the battery in case of lack of the power.

Carpet Washing:

I am a carpenter and at the beginning, I had a carpentry shop but later I left carpentry for two reasons: first the problem with my one foot because land mine disabled my one leg and the second reason is gaining more benefit in carpet washing than carpentry.

My sons help me in washing carpets in the machine and I just guide them.

At the beginning, I have fewer customers but later when the people saw our work, our customers increased.  after the washing of the carpets, we let them be dried and we collect the carpets from the house and after services, we take them back to their owners’ houses. The delivery service is free. The reason that why we have more customers than others, is our advertisement. We have printed brochures about our activities and free home delivery and we are distributing them to the people.

Our income increases in Eid days, spring and summer seasons.