Taking Folic Acid Tablets in the Schools

: Written by: Muhammad Arif Rahimi

Ministry of public health of Afghanistan is distributing the folic acid and iron tablets to the girls of grade 5-12 in the schools to take it each tablet once a week due the girls need to blood supplier.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some school girls about the issue of anemia and a physician.

A student, Alima says: “when I was a student, I was suffering from anemia and irregular heartbeat. When I got married, I lost more blood when I was delivering a baby and I went into a shock and when I recovered, I could not walk well.”

Another girl, Samera says: “I suffer from anemia. When I want to sit down or stand up I face with dizziness, I could not go on my foot and there are some white spots found on my nails.”

Gulnar Muslih Rashidi, a physician in one of the private hospitals, Kabul city says: “pale skin, pale eye whites, brittle nails severe exhaustion, irritability, lightheadedness, headache, weakness, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, and sore or swollen tongue are the common symptoms of anemia in school-age girls and if not treated, it might take their life. If the anemia continues after the marriage, the mother would deliver a malformed child and it might face the mother to death.”

Why do some girls do take the folic acid plus iron tablet in the schools?

A student, Khalida Khamosh says that her father and brother do not allow her to take the folic acid tablet in the school.

but some other girls take the folic acid tablet in the schools.

 Fatima Kakar says: “they give us one tablet of folic acid at school once a week, I and my classmates take it and we do not suffer from anemia yet.”

Hajira, a resident of Badghes province says: “I was taking the folic acid tablet in the school and I sensed its result. At the beginning, I was suffering from dizziness and was not able to learn my school lessons, but after taking the folic acid tablet, these problems are solved.”

Doctor Rashidi says: “folic acid is composed of three large sub-components, the pteridine ring, para-aminobenzoic acid, and glutamic acid. These tablets supply blood in young girls, prevent them from any kind of diseases, bring positive changes in their behaviors in the community, and do not face bleeding during delivery.

The tablet should be taken after the meal with a glass of water, if someone faces a problem such as a heartburning, it might be temporary and would be recovered soon.”