Year: 25 Week: 36

Episode: 3323

Scene: 19114

Nazir sits on the broken eggs' tray and cries. Mahjaben asks him that why he did not aware her that he had brought eggs home.

Nazir calls her a reckless woman.


Nazanin is sick and Sakina is talking to Shahwali on the phone. Sakina complains to Shahwali that due to Gulmakai bad behavior, Nazanin became sick.

Shahwali promises to talk to Gulmakai.

Scene: 19116

Shukria asks her husband, Adamkhan to allow Shikeba for studying midwifery and nursing.

Adamkhan says that Shikeba’s education is up to her.

Scene: 19117

Shazia is collecting tomatoes from the field. Abida appreciates her good crops.

Shazia says that it’s the result of her effort.


Scene: 19118

Ghafar says to Gulmakai that Shahwali had called and complained from her.

Gulmakai blames Shahwali that he doesn’t appreciate her helps.


Episode: 3324

Scene: 19119

Nazanen is very sick. Her mother, Sakena wants to go with her to the clinic.

Nazanin says at the beginning of her sickness, Gulmakai did not allow her to the clinic and now, she is not able to go.

Scene: 19120

Nazir is busy in painting eggs. He wants Hamida to help him.

Hamida denies and says that she does not have enough time to paint eggs.


Shikeba is preparing herself for going to university. Her brother, Samiullah gives her a set of mobile phones as a gift. Shikeba becomes happy and thanks Samiullah. She adds that having mobile phones was her was her wish.

Scene: 19122

The doctor of the clinic visits Nazanen. Sakina asks him about her sickness. The Doctor says that Nazanen is pregnant and she is also infected with tuberculosis.

Scene: 19123

Mujeb has a full trolley of tomatoes and wants to sell them in the market.

His uncle, Jamal sees and asks him angrily if he has stolen the tomatoes from his field.

Mujeb rejects and says that the tomatoes are the crops of their own field that his grandfather has given them. Jamal slaps in his face and scatters his tomatoes on the ground.


Episode: 3825


Mujeb goes home and cries. His mother, Shazia asks the reason.

Mujeb says that Jamal scattered his tomatoes on the ground and slapped in his face.

Scene: 19125

Abida visits Sarwarkhan along the way and asks him the decision of village council about Nazanin.

Sarwarkhan says that the village council decided that Nazanen would stay in her father's house till Shahwali comes.

Scene: 19126

Nazir is selling painted eggs in the bazaar. Samargul asks him that why he did not sell in Eid’s days.

Nazir says that his special hens had not laid eggs at that time.

Scene: 19127

Nargis gives an amount of money to shikeba and says that Gulkhan has sent to her.

Shikeba becomes happy and thanks to Allah that her brothers help and support her.

Scene: 19128

Sakena is crying. Ghulam asks the result of Nazanin’s sickness.

Sakina says that Nazanin is pregnant and she has infected with tuberculosis and the possibility of her treatment is low.