Girls Education

Yasen goes alone to the castle and seems sad. Lalo Mama greets him and asks about his sadness.

Yasen says that he is sad for his sister, Palwasha because she doesn’t eat and drink.

Lalo Mama takes him to the corridor of the castle and then he asks Yasen about Palwasha's sadness.

Yasen says that her father does not allow Palwasha to go to school anymore.

Lalo Mama says that why her father does not allow her to continue her school.

Yasen says that her father says that Palwasha is a young girl and people would mock him that his young daughter is going to school.

Lalo Mama says that every problem has a solution and then he opens a window for Yasen’s information.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says that more than 3 and half million girls go to school in Afghanistan but still some families do not allow their daughters to continue their school after grade eight.

Then the reporter talks to some girls.

Madina says: “My family did not allow me to continue my school after grade 9th and now I suffer to see that my classmates are going to school and I am at home.”

Some other girls have the same problems.

But some girls have found the solution to this problem.

Basira says: “when I was in grade 9th, my brother did not allow me to continue my school. I was very sad. I asked my mother to talk to my brother. She talked several times and after three years, my brother allowed me to continue my school.”

Another girl, Binafasha says: “my father did not want to enroll me in the school. my brother convinced my father and he allowed me to school and now I am a tenth-grade student.”

Lalo Mama closes the window.

Yasin says that some fathers agree with girls’ education but his father doesn’t.

Lalo Mama says that according to the constitution of Afghanistan, girls and boys have equal education rights and then he opens another window for Yasen’s information.


In the window, a drama is showing. In the drama, a father does not allow her daughter, Amina, to continue her school. Amina’s classmates share the issue with Amina’s brother, Abdullah. Abdullah talks to his mother and father and convinces them to allow Amina to continue her study.

Lalo Mama closes this window too.

Yasen says that he would also try to convince his father to allow Palwasha to complete her study.