A Silver-Tongue Goat

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time there were two goats Black and Piebald living together. As usual one-day they when went to a pasture, they saw a sheep was coming toward them. The sheep said that she is alone and want them to let her to be friend with them. Piebald accepted his wish. Black was older than Piebald and Sheep and she started to mock Sheep. Black said to Sheep that she doesn’t have horn but we have. Sheep said that all creatures are created by God and no one should mock them, but Black continued to mock her. Meanwhile the sheep and Piebald saw a green pasture and all the three went there. Black prevented the sheep from eating and said that her nose is dirty. The sheep asked Black to allow her to eat some grass but Black made dirty the glass by her feet. The sheep cried. Piebald heard her crying, went near to her and asked the reason.

The sheep showed her the grass that black made them dirty. Piebald asked sheep to go with her to the other pasture and wanted to leave Black alone. When Black heard their talking, she said that she would accompany them but the sheep did not want Black to be with her any more. Piebald and sheep went home and they left Black alone.

Some days later, Black went out from her home to find somethings for eating. She saw a big tree and she broke a branch of the tree and blocked the way of Piebald and sheep and then she climbed to the tree and ate some green leaves of the tree. At the end, while she wanted to come down from the tree, a branched broke and she dropped down on the earth and broke her leg.

There was no one to help the Black. A crow her crying and asked the reason. Black said that she was always mocking her friends and now they are angry with her. Crow went and shared the issue with Piebald and sheep. Piebald and sheep carried the Black to her home and treated her broken leg. The black asked their apology and they became friends again.