The Smart Pen


 Written by: Aqsa Sediqi


Many people study to learn something and find a good job in the related field after graduation.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to a boy; Allah Mohammad Kakar graduated from the university and has made a smart pen.    

He says: “At the beginning, I was a pupil with a mechanic but now I have two PhDs in commerce and social development from the USA and I am practicing my other Ph.D. in central Asia studies, and now about 70 employees are working with me and I am paying them.

As we have a high percentage of illiterate parents, I tried to find a solution to this problem by making a smar tpen.

The smart pen could read books till 6th grade of school and it has three parts, software, charger and play button and the software is created by an American company in 5 months.

We have recorded about 6400 audios, and this pen can teach Pashto and Dari lessons. 

This pen works as literate parents. If you put this pen in any part of the book, it would automatically read that part of the book. the books for this purpose are printed by the ministry of education of Afghanistan and have been distributed to the markets. If you want to repeat that part of the book, the pen would automatically read that part of the book in the same voice as many times as you want.

We have manufactured 60 thousand pens yet, and the price of each pen reaches 3500 Afghanis.Some NGOs buy these pens, and they distribute them free of charge to the female students in the villages of Afghanistan. these pens are designed to work in Dari and Pashto languages.

Leaning a Skill:

Lailoma, a resident of Kapisa province says: “I have studied school in Herat province, at that time, I was facing many economic problems. I decided to learn a skill to solve my problem. I went to a tailoring course and I learned about sewing clothes and I saved some money. One year before I got married. My husband doesn’t have any job and I prepared almost all the necessities of the house from my tailoring incomes. My husband thanked me for learning a good skill and solve my all problems.

Preparing Jam and Tomatoes Paste:

Shekiba Qayumi prepares jam, pickles and tomato paste. She says to the writer/producer AEPO:

At the beginning, I did not have any experience. I bought some raw materials at high prices and I prepared tomato paste, jam, and pickles but I did not get any profit from them but later I got experiences in the related field. Now I buy raw materials in their seasons and preparing jam, tomato paste, and pickles and I sell them in the winter at a low price. Our customers are families, and we also sell our products in exhibitions and we have a shop for selling our products in the ministry of agriculture.