Year: 25 Week: 35

Episode:    3829

Scene: 19099

Shazia is collecting extra bushes from the tomatoes field. Shukria comes and mocks her that why she took her land right while her father is alive.

Shazia says that she was in need.

Scene; 19100

Ghulam and Ghafar are quarreling. Ghulam says to Ghafar that if you do not find my daughter, Nazanin, I would kill you.

Ghafar says that he is not blamed in this issue.

Scene: 19101

Nazir gives a silver ring to Abida and asks her to give him some eggs.

Abida condemns Nazir for bring his wife’s ring. she keeps the ring with herself and gives few eggs to Nazir.

Scene: 19102

Shukria is sick. She says to Gul Khan that there is no lady doctor in the clinic to visit her.

Gul Khan says that if she allows Shikeba for high study, she would become a midwife.

Scene: 19103

Ghulam goes home and visits Nazanen beside Sakina. Ghulam asks Nazanin that why she did not tell anything to them about her coming.

Nazanen says that she was afraid of him and was hidden in the firewood’s room.

Episode: 3830


Mullah and Ghulam are in the village council. Ghulam says to Mullah that Ghafar’s family has abused my daughter.

Mullah promises that he would find a solution to this problem.

Scene: 19105

Shukria is on the bed. Shikeba gives her a glass of milk. Shikeba wishes that if she was a doctor, she would treat her mother.

Shukria allows her to complete her high study.

Scene: 19106

Hameda and Gulalai are eating dinner. Abdul Qadir’s face and hands are dirty with eggs yolk. Hamida asks the reason. Gulalai says that he has broken the eggs.

Scene; 19107

Abida goes to Sakina’s home. Sakina says to her about the oppression of Gulmakai against Nazanen.

Abida says that she comes to collect information about this issue.

Scene: 19108

Zarmena says to Shazia that a disease has stroke her tomatoes plants.

Shazia asks to help her in solving this problem.

Episode: 3831


Shazia and Mujeb are spraying on the tomatoes plants. Dilbaro asks the reason.

Shazia says that a disease has stroked their tomatoes plants.


Mullah, Abeda, Sayed Muhammad and other members of the village council are in the council’s office.

Abida says that Nazanin is oppressed in Ghafar’s house.

Sayed Mohammad says that Nazanin should go back to Ghafar’s house but Mullah says that first, they would decide in the council.

Scene: 19111

Shikeba says to her mother, Shukria that she has succeeded to a university that her uncle’s house is not there near to it.

Shukia suggests her to transfer from that university to another one.


Scene: 19112

Nazanin is sick. Her mother, Sakina is sitting beside her.

Nazanin says that she could not tolerate going to Ghafar’s house again.

Sakina wishes that the village council would issue a correct decision.

Scene: 19113

Hamida says to Mahjaben that Abdul Qadir has broken the eggs and has made his face and hand dirty with eggs yolk.

Mahjaben asks Hamida that how is it possible because they do not have any egg in their house.