A Women Painter

 Written by: Yama Rahi

 Saira Omarzai, a resident of Kandahar province has learned painting tableau. She says to AEPO’s writer/producer: “I started painting 17 years ago. I mostly paint panels with enamel and my working style is realism. I have not got vocational training in painting but at the beginning, when I was painting a tableau, I was sharing it with the famous painters in Kandahar Painters Union and they were instructing me where to use dark and light colors. Pablo Picasso’s work-arts encouraged me to start and continue this art. Painting brought big changes in my economic condition and I wish that someday I would have my own gallery. When I complete one of my works of art, I show it to those who are interested in fine arts no matter he/she is literate or illiterate and I ask their opinion and if needed, I apply them. I sell my artworks in the government or non-government exhibitions. Some of my artworks are exhibited and sold in the exhibitions in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Pakistan. Before my life was full of trouble but now my life is better.



Innovation at Work:


Having a new idea in economic activities, leads us to more job prosperity and economic growth and on the other hand, learning an art or an occupation would help us to promote our economy.

There are many restaurants and hotels in Afghanistan which prepare different varieties of foods. The foods in all hotels and restaurants are almost the same but those who have brought some changes in their foods menu, are getting more benefit.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Hanif, a resident of Kabul city.

Hanif says: “I have a small booth of selling pakora (a special fried snack), chips and cold drinks in Kabul city.

One-day, one of my friends taught me how to cook quail. After that day, I started to sell fried quail beside other foods. My wife prepares them at home and I sell them in my shop. Beside fried quails, I also have put quails’ cage in front of my booth, if someone like fresh quail, I slay and cook it for him/her.

I buy each quail 80 Afghanis from quail’s farm owners and I sell each fried quail 110 Afghanis. My most customers are the passers-by. My daily selling reaches up to 25-30 fried quails.”