Diabetic Ulcer Care

Written by: Mohammad Nasir Serat

diabetes has different types, and those whose diabetes is developed and have diabetic ulcers, and if they do not treat them on time, they might face serious health problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some diabetes patients and a physician about this problem.

Abdul Samad, a resident of Kandahar province says: “I faced diabetes in Iran and later, a black spot appeared on my foot and I did not take care of it and now the doctors cut my one leg.”

A mother from Paghman district, Kabul province says that she suffers from diabetes and she got a wound in her one foot but she did not treat it and in the result, the physician cuts the flesh out of her leg's bone.

What kinds of problems would diabetic ulcer patients face if they would not treat their ulcers on time?

Doctor Hasebullah Mohammadi, a diabetes specialist and responsible for the diabetes department at Wazir Akbar Khan hospital, Kabul city says: “diabetic ulcers are created irregularly and are caused the complete destruction of the skin surface, or parts of the skin, in the patient.

The size of the ulcer is several millimeters to several centimeters and is a hard-welded wound. The ulcer could be found on the skin of the hands, feet, and some other parts of the body, but the most common part of the skin ulcer is the calf and if not treated on time, it might cause to cut the leg.

What do people think about the causes of the diabetic ulcers?

Mohammad Jawed, a resident of Kabul city says that his wife has diabetes and she was eating every kind of food, especially she was eating rice more than other foods and now she suffers from a diabetic ulcer.

Gulab Khan, a resident of Paktia province says that his uncle had a diabetic ulcer and he did not take care of it and the doctor cut his leg.

Doctor Mohammadi says: “the most important cause of diabetic ulcers is the damage to the circulation of the blood. Venous ulcers also occur in diabetes patients due to inadequate blood flow, which is most commonly found in aged people. In some cases, the ingestion of nails, knife, and wearing tight shoes could also cause the diabetic ulcer.

How to prevent diabetic ulcer?

Hajira, a resident of Badghis province says: “I have a diabetic ulcer on my foot. I wash it with clean water and for keeping mild, I apply Vaseline on it.”

Hasina, a resident of Badakhshan province says: “I have diabetes and I always go to the doctor and I use my medicines according to the doctor’s advice and I also avoid wearing tight shoes.”

Doctor Mohammadi says: “The wound should be washed with disinfectants and then it should be dressed by drying agents and topical antibiotics every day. The bedsore patient’s bed should be changed regularly so that the wound should not be under pressure and it helps to treat the ulcer easily. The patient should not walk a long distance and he/ she must avoid smoking. He/she should avoid wearing tight shoes and he/she has to control his/her diabetes regularly.”