Year: 25 Week: 34


Episode: 3817

Scene: 19084

Adam Khan goes to Shazia’s house and says to her that Jamal accepts to give her land right. Shazia becomes happy.


Scene: 19085

Nazanin is busy cooking something on the stove and the meanwhile, she is coughing. Gulmakai threatens and beats her to stop coughing during cooking. Nazanin says that she tries but it could not be stopped. Gulmakai kicks her and wants her to leave the home.

Scene: 19086

Nazir says to Rahemdad that Karim slapped him in his face.

Rahemdad says that if you were a rich man, Karim would never have beaten you.

Scene: 19087

Atifa says to Rabia Gul that Shekiba has succeeded to the Institute of nursing and midwifery. Rabia Gul says that there is no need for girls to have high educations. Atifa mentions Gulalai as an example and says that she has studied nursing and midwifery and now she is helping the villagers.

Scene: 19088

Nazanin is in hurry going on the way. Hamida asks the reason. Nazanin is coughing and crying and she is not able to reply.

Episode: 3817


Gulmakai says to Ghafar that Nazanin is missing from the house. Ghafar says that she might have gone to her father’s house.

 Gulmakai wants Ghafar to call to Ghulam and share the issue with him.

Scene: 19090

Shekiba is weeping and asking her brother, Samiullah to take her to her uncle's house to the province.

Samiullah says that going to the province without the permission of her parents might face her with some problems.

Scene: 19091

Samandar is separating a piece of land for Shazia. Shazia thanks her father, Adam Khan for giving her a piece of land.

Scene: 19092

Nazir wants Abida to lend her some eggs and he would give back the money very soon. Abida says that she could not give any egg without money. Nazir says that he would keep a precious thing with her as a guarantee.

Scene: 19093

Ghulam says to Sakina that Ghafar had called him and said that Nazanin has escaped from Ghafar’s house.

Sakina cries and says that something might have happened to Nazanin.

Episode: 3819

Scene: 19094


Gulmakai goes to Nik Mohammad’s house and says to Rabia Gul that Nazanin has escaped from Ghafar's house. Rabia Gul says that her parents might have hidden her.


Mahjaben says to Hameda that someone has scattered the clothes from her suitcase.

Hameda imagines that Nazir might have scattered them.

Scene: 19096

Shukria is sick and Fatih Khan takes her to the clinic. The doctor wants to visit her but Fatih Khan wants a female doctor for this purpose.

The doctor says that the female doctor is retired from her job. Fatih Khan says that he would never allow the male doctor to visit my wife.

The doctor blames the villagers who do not allow their daughters to have the high study.

Scene: 19097

Shazia is watering the land. Jamal comes, beats her and prevents her from watering. Shazia wants to beat Jamal by the shovel but Janbaz comes and prevents them from the quarrel. Janbaz says to Jamal that Shazia has the same right in her father's properties as Jamal has.

Scene: 19098

Gulmakai is angry and goes to Ghulam’s house and asks Sakina that where she has hidden Nazanin. Nazanin comes out of the firewood and says that she was hidden there because she is afraid of her father, Ghulam.