Futsal Ground

  Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard


Nazir Hamidi, the owner of the futsal ground in Kabul city says: “Futsal is a variant of association football played on a hard court, smaller than a football ground, and is mainly indoor. Football has eleven players on each side and futsal has five players per side. As there was no playground in this area, I wanted to bring the youths together in a single ground, I talked the elders of the area and I spent about 5 million Afghanis on the building of this complex two years ago. Two teams have to pay us 800 Afghanis for one and a half hour. we have more customers during the holidays and in the winter.

A Successful Hotel Manager:

There are many hotels on the hi-ways in Afghanistan and passengers take a rest and stay for a night in these hotels. Some hotels have more customers and some have less. What are the reasons of having more customers?

AEPO’s writer/producer had a trip to Bamiyan province and visited a hotel in Yakawlang district, Bamiyan province and has talked to Allah Yar, the hotel’s manager who has more customers than other hotels.

Allah Yar says: “at the beginning, I opened a hotel about 12 years ago in Daikundi province but as the passengers of three districts were passing from Daikundi hi-way, I closed that hotel and I opened a hotel in Yakawlang district. More than 20 districts passengers are passing from Yakawlang hi-way. We have 24 hours services in our hotel. Our customers could spend a night(s) in this hotel without paying. We buy the high-quality rice, calf meat, and use good quality ghee. If passengers’ bus or car damages along the way, we have a mechanic and send him to repair the vehicle and bring the passengers into the hotel.

We get 10-15 Afghanis benefit from each dish of food. We prepare tea for all passengers free of charge. In winter, we install heaters in the hotel and have blankets for our customers.