Year: 25 Week: 33


Episode: 3814

Scene: 19069

Nazir says to Karem that if he engages his daughter, Momina to Nazir’s son, Abdul Qadir then their friendship would be stronger.

Karem considers Nazir’s proposal as a joke and says to him that he is a funny man.

Scene: 19070

Gul Khan seems happy and says to her sister, Shekiba that she has succeeded to the institute of nursing and midwifery.

Shekiba becomes happy and thanks Gul Khan for the good news.

Scene: 19071

Shazia goes to Akbar’s house and wants him to help her in order to solve her issue with her brother, Jamal.

Akbar promises that he would share the issue with the elders of the village.

Scene: 19072

Nazir goes to Rahem’s house. Rahem brings some chocolate and tea for him.

Nazir asks Rahem if he could put some chocolate in his pocket. Rahem tells him to take all the chocolate. Nazir becomes happy and says that the taste of this chocolate is different with the others.

Scene: 19073

Gulmakai is grabbing Nazanin's hair and Nazanin is crying.

Gulmakai angrily asks Nazanin that why she has broken the water pitcher. Nazanin begs her not to pull her hair.

Episode: 3815

Scene: 19074

Shahperai says to Atifa that Nazanin might face psychological problem in Ghafar’s house.

Atifa blames Gulmakai for her bad behavior with Nazanin.

Scene: 19075

Nazir is singing a song and visits Karem along the way to his home. Nazir gives some chocolates to Karem and says to him that Rahem gave the chocolate of Momina's engagement with Abdul Qadir.

Karem becomes angry and he slaps in Nazir's face.

Scene: 19076

Akbar visits Mullah and Abida in the village council. Abida says to Mullah that Adam Khan doesn’t want to give his daughter’s land rights.

Mullah promises that he would talk about this issue with Adam Khan.

Scene: 19077

Nazir goes to the Masjid and says to Mullah that he has engaged his son with Karem’s daughter but Karem slapped him in his face.

Mullah says that Abdul Qadir is still a child and he wants Nazir to forget this issue.

Scene: 19078

Shekiba asks her father that why he doesn’t congratulate on her success to the university.

Adam Khan becomes angry and says that if she goes to university, she would not be allowed her to come back to his house.


Episode: 3816

Scene:  19079

Abida goes to Ghafar’s house and wants to borrow their pressure cooker for a day. She visits Nazanin in the yard. Nazanin is coughing. Abida asks her to go to a doctor for treatment. Nazanin says that she could not go to the doctor.

Scene: 19080

Hameda calls to Shekiba and congrats her for her succession to the institute of nursing and midwifery. Shekiba thanks her and says that her mother and father are against her high education.

Scene: 19081

Gulalai says to her husband, Sarwar that Karem has slapped Nazir in his face.

Sarwar blames both, Karem and Nazir, and says that Nazir is a naïve person and Karem is a nervous man.

Scene: 19082

Sakina visits Rabia Gul on a field during collecting tomatoes and says to her that Nazanin’s life is full of troubles.

Rabia Gul says that when Nazanin goes abroad, her living conditions would get better.

Scene: 19083

Mullah goes to Adam Khan’s house and asks him to solve the issue of the land right of his daughter.

Adam khan says that he would exclude Jamal's name from the list of his properties and he would give her daughter’s land right.

Mullah advises him to talk to Jamal.