Year: 25 Week:32


Epsisode: 3811

Scene: 19054

Shazia says to Nargis that her brother, Jamal doesn’t allow Adam Khan to give her land rights.

Nargis advises her to resolve the problem through the village council.

Scene: 19055

Nazir and Rahim Dad are sitting in front of Baba Aslam's mill. Drum and Rubab (an Afghan musical instrument) are also seen on the ground. Rahim Dad asks about the occasion.

Nazir says that he would tell him at the end of the party.

Scene: 19056

Shekiba asks her mother, Shukria if her father knows about her studying.

Shukria replies no but adds that it would be better for Shekiba not to continue her high education.

Scene: 19057

Nazir is happy and holds Momina. Rabia Gul is angry and condemns Nazir that he makes her granddaughter cry.

Nazir says that he does not hug every child.

Scene: 19058

Ghulam asks his daughter, Nazanin to get ready for going to Gul Makai’s house.

Nazanin says that she is afraid of going to Gul Makai’s house.

Episode: 3812

Scene: 19059

Ghulam goes to Purdil’s shop and says that Nazanin’s life is hard in Ghafar’s house.

Purdil says that she would be adopted slowly in Ghafar's house.

Scene: 19060

Shah Perai says that Aqila was taking care of Momina outside the house.

Rabia is angry and wants Shah Perai not to allow Aqila to go out with Momina anymore.

Scene: 19061

Shukria says that she is always thinking about Shekiba’s happiness.

Gul Khan says that not allowing Shekiba to continue her high study is an enmity with Shekiba.

Scene: 19062

Nazir asks Baba Aslam to go with him to Jandad’s house to propose Momina for Abdul Qadir.

Baba Aslam says that this decision would not have a good result for you.

Scene: 19063

Shazia is weeping. Mujib asks him if it is hard for her to take the land rihgt, she could leave it.

Shazia says that till his father is alive, her brother doesn’t have the right of interference.

Episode: 3813

Scene: 19064

Nazir wants her wife, Mah Jabin to propose Momina for Abdul Qadir.

Mah Jabin refuses. Nazir says that he would go alone to Jandad’s house.

Scene: 19065

Nazanin goes to spring to bring some water but suddenly her ceramic water pitcher breaks. Nazanin becomes sad. Shah Perai says that breaking pitcher makes no problem.

Nazanin says that Gul Makai would threat her.

Scene: 19066

Shekiba gives her university entry exam ID number to her brother, Gul Khan.

Gul Khan promises that he would try to find her result on the internet.

Scene: 19067

Shazia says to Abida that Jamal has warned her to give up her land rights.

Abida advises her to solve her problem in the village council.

Scene: 19068

Nazir goes to Karim’s shop and says to Karim that he wants to engage Abdul Qadir with a girl from a famous family. Meanwhile, Purdil comes and Nazir becomes quiet and says to Karim that he would share the issue with him later.