Year: 25 Week: 31


Scene: 19039

Nazer goes to Allah Dad's workshop and shows him a piece of cloth and says that he has bought it for Abdul Qader’s engagement.

Allah Dad becomes angry and says that Rahim Dad has lost his mind to engage his son in childhood.

Scene: 19040

Shekiba complains to her brother, Gul Khan that her parents do not allow her to continue her study. Gul Khan promises that would help her in this issue.

Scene: 19041

Ghotai visits Shazia under a tree along the way to home. Ghotai asks Shazia that why she is sad.

Shazia says that her father, Adam Khan decides to give her a piece of land but Jamal(Shazia's brother) who lives in the province, prevents him.

Scene: 19042

Nazer has worn some fashionable clothes to Abdul Qader and has ridden him on a horseback. Nazer says to Nasim that Abul Qader looks like a groom and asks Nasim to take a picture of Abdul Qader.

Nasim accepts and says that he would print the picture too.

Scene: 19043

Ghulam goes to Ghafar shop and says that if Gul Makai doesn’t change her behavior toward Nazanin, he would not allow Nazanin to go to Ghafar’s house anymore.

Ghafar says that he would talk to his wife, Gul Makai about this issue.

Episode: 3809

Scene: 19044

Ghafar goes home and says to Gul Makai that she would make him blame to her uncle, Shah Wali due to her inappropriate behavior toward Nazanin.

Gul Makai says that she would never try to learn anything to Nazanin.



Nazer gives a plastic bag to Karim. Karim asks about its contents. Nazer says that he has bought a baby soother and a brocade piece of cloth for Momina.

Scene: 19046

Shazia says to Abida that Jamal has called to her father, Adam Khan and prevented him from giving me a piece of land.

Abida says that a son doesn’t have the right to interfere in his father’s decision. Abida adds that if it is needed, she would share the issue with the village council.

Scene: 19047

Karim gives a baby soother and a piece of cloth to his wife, Shah Perai. Shah Perai asks about them. Karim says that Nazer has given them as a gift for Momina.

Scene: 19048

Shekiba says to her mother, Shukria that she is hopeless from her life. Shukria says that Rabia Gul taunts(taunts?) me for your education.

Shekiba says if they hear what people say, then they should give up their lives.

Episode: 3810

Scene: 19049

Shukria says to Gulalai that her mother, Rabia Gul has taunted me for Shekiba’s studying.

Gulalai says that she herself wants the apology for her mother has said to her and asks Shukria to allow Shekiba to continue her high study.

Scene: 19050

Shah Perai visits Mah Jabin on the spring and thanks her for sending gifts to Momina.

Mah Jabin says that she has not sent any gift.

Scene: 19051

Gul Makai goes to Ghulam house and asks Nazanin to go with her because Shah Wali has sent some money for her.

Nazanin says that she doesn’t need money and she doesn’t want to go with her.

Sakina says that Gul Makai violates Nazanin. Gul Makai promises that she would never have a bad behavior toward Nazanin after this day.

Scene: 19052

Mah Jabin is angry and asks Nazer that why he has given a gift to Momina.

Nazer says that Momina would be Abdul Qader’s future wife.

Scene: 19053

Adam Khan is angry and says to his wife, Dilbaro that if his son, Jamal interferes in his private works, he would deprive him of his properties. Dilbaro asks his patience.