Year: 25 Week: 30


Episode: 3805

Scene: 19024

Shekiba is lying on the bed in her house. Her brother, Samiullah gives her a glass of juice and asks her the reason for her illness.

Shekiba says that her mother is against her higher education.

Scene: 19025

Nazer acts as a sick person. His wife, Mahjabin asks the reason. Nazer says that it was his wish to share his son, Abdul Qader’s wedding ceremony in his life, but I might die before it.


 Nazanin shows her cracked hands to her mother, Sakina. Sakina asks the reason. Nazanin says that Gul Makai forces her to do hard works.

Scene: 19027

Nazer is lying on the bed in the clinic. The doctor asks him that how many years old is his son that Nazer wants to engage him with a girl.

Nazer says that his son, Abdul Qader is three years old.

Scene: 19028

Adam Khan is eating dinner but his wife, Dilbaro doesn’t. Adam Khan asks the reason. Dibaro says that her daughter, Shazia is in very bad condition. Dilbaro asks her husband to give her a piece of a land to Shazia.

Episode: 3806

Scene: 19029

Shazia wants to leave the home for working. Adam Khan comes and prevents her from working and says that he would give her a piece of land.

Shazia becomes happy and thanks her father.

Scene: 19030

Nazer takes care of Karim’s daughter, Momina. Karim says that this pamper(kindness?) is enough for her.

Nazer says that he wants to keep Momina happier.

Scene: 19031

Samiullah asks his mother, Shukria that why she doesn’t allow Shekiba to continue her higher education.

 Shukria says that girls are the properties of other people and therefore she doesn’t want Shekiba to study anymore.

Scene: 19032

Nazer is talking to his wife, Mah Jabin while he is happy. Mah Jabin asks the reason for his happiness.

Nazer says that he would engage Abdul Qader with a girl very soon.

Scene: 19033

Ghulam Khan asks her daughter, Nazanin to go to Ghafar’s house. Nazanin denies and says the Gul Makai forces her to hard work.

Episode: 3807

Scene: 19034

Ghafar says that Shah Wali has sent some money to Nazanin. Gul Makai asks him to give a small amount to Nazanin and take the rest for himself.

Scene: 19035

Mah Jabin is taking water from the spring. Fatima asks her about her work in the vaccination team. Mah Jabin says that it's finished. She adds that the polio vaccination campaign lost for three days.

Scene: 19036

Nazer goes to Karim’s Shop and gives him a bottle of curd juice. Karim asks the reason. Nazer says that he dreamt that Karim would engage her daughter to a big a famous family.

Scene: 19037

Shazia goes to her father house and asks Adam Khan to give her land right. Adam Khan says that without the advice of his big son, Jamal, he could not give her a piece of land.


Gul Makai goes to Ghulam’s house and asks Sakina that why Nazanin did not come back to her house.

Sakina says that Gul Makai oppresses her. Gul Makai warns that if Nazanin doesn’t go with her, she would inform Shah Wali.