Disable Girl

Nabeel and Hadia go to the castle of thousand windows. Hadia suffers from her feet disability. When they reach the castle, Nabeel says that he woes an apology for coming fast on the way and asks Hadia to sit on the sofa. Hadia wishes if she were not disabled, she would study school. Meanwhile, Lalo Mama comes and greet his guests. Lalo Mama brings a wheelchair with himself and asks Hadia to sit in the wheelchair and Lalo Mama takes them to the corridor of the castle.

In the corridor, Nabil says to Lalo Mama that Hadia wishes to study school but as she is disabled and her age is also not appropriate to school, she might not be able to study.

Lalo Mama says that there are many girls and boys with disability and they study school. Lalo Mama turns on a tape recorder. A girl, Ziba a resident of Kabul city says: “I have trouble with my feet from nine years back. I am not able to go to school and I am always in need. I could not go even to the washroom and I could not participate in my sisters’ wedding ceremonies neither.”

Lalo Mama says that every problem has a solution. He says that Amina had the same problem as Hadia has and she solved her problem.

Hadia asks about Amina. Lalo Mama opens a window for their information.


In the window, a stage drama is showing.

First Scene:

 In the first scene, a brother, Satar and a sister, Nazia are studying their school lessons. Meanwhile, their uncle’s daughter, Amina comes and they greet her.

Amina has lost her one hand in a blast. She says that if she were not disabled, she would also study school and would learn any kind of cooking.

Satar says that Amina is an intelligent girl and she could study school. Amina says that her age is not appropriate for school. Satar says that it is not late for studying. Nazia asks Amina to try her best to enroll Amina to school. Amina says that her father is also against her studying.

Second Scene:

In the second scene, Nazia shares Amina’s issue with her friend, Palwasha.

Palwasha says that she would find a solution to this issue.

Third Scene:

In the third scene, Palwasha is talking with Amina’s father and convinces him to enroll Amina into a rapid learning center.

Lalo Mama closes the window. Hadia asks about the rapid learning schools. Lalo Mama opens another window for their information.

In the window, the reporter of the castle is talking about rapid studying system.

She says: “many girls have not studied schools due to different reasons like disability in civil wars, being away from the country and so on. These girls could also study in rapid studying centers.”

The reporter asks about the rapid learning center fro, Rafiullah, who is a teacher of one of the rapid learning centers and a resident of Farza district, Kabul province. Rafiullah says: “we teach one class in six months. Ordinary schools do not accept aged girls as students but the rapid learning centers accept girls under 18 and over 10 years. In the beginning, we ask parents to bring their disabled or aged daughters national identity cards with two photos and we enroll them after passing the entry level test.

The rapid training center teaches students till class eight and after graduation from these centers, the centers' administrations introduce them to the nearest high school to continue their remaining classes.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Hadia becomes happy and wants to share the issue with her father.