Year: 25 Week: 29

Episode” 3802

Scene: 19009

Gul Makai and Sakina are talking to each other. Sakina looks sad and asks Gul Makai to allow Nazanin to her house till Shah Wali’s returning.

Gul Makai says no to her wish and adds that people would mock Gul Makai.


Shazia says to her mother, Dilbaro that if her father, Adam Khan does not give her land right, she would ask the villagers to help her in this issue.

Dilbaro promises to talk to Adam Khan.

Scene: 19011

Gulalai says to the doctor that women activities in the vaccine campaign are very effective.

Doctor confirms her saying and adds that the women of the village are also happy with this campaign.

Scene: 19012

Sakina is weeping in her house. Ghulam asks the reason. Sakina says that Gul Makai did not allow Nazanin to come with me.

Scene: 19013

Hamida goes to Shekiba house and wants to visit her but Shekiba’s mother, Shukria says that she would not allow her to visit anyone.


Scene: 19014

Abida goes to Ghafar’s house and sees that Nazanin is washing clothes. Abida asks that why is she washing all the clothes by hand? Nazanin says that she has to wash them otherwise Gul Makai would scorn her.

Scene: 19015

Mujib says to her mother, Shazia that if his father, Majid were not leaving the country, they would not be in need.

Shazia says that she would also work in someone's house.

Scene: 19016

Mah Jabin asks Rabia Gul to vaccinate her granddaughter. Rabia Gul says that her granddaughter suffers from fever and vaccination would hurt her.

Mahjanbin says that vaccination is useful in any condition.

Scene: 19017

Abida goes to Ghafar’s house and asks Gul Makai not to do hard work on Nazanin.

Gul Makai says that she wants  Nazanin to learn hard work.

Scene: 19018

Hamida is washing her muddy feet. Gulalai asked the reason. Hamida says that Shukria’s bad manner caused her to slip into the dirty water stream.

Episode: 3804

Scene: 19019

Nazanin brings firewood for the oven. Gul Makai is angry and asks her to stop backbiting against Gul Makai.

Scene: 19020

Shahperai says to her husband, Karim that polio parasite is very active in the summer season.

Karim says that it is good that the polio vaccine has applied to her daughter, Momina.

Scene: 19021

Shukria and Zarmina are talking on the field. They see that Shazia is passing on the way.

Shukria says that Shazia was very proud of herself. Zarmina says that Shazia became humble after of Majid’s leaving tah country.


Nazanin is talking on the phone to Shah Wali. Shah Wali says that he has sent some money to Nazanin. Nazanin thanks and asks him if she could go to her mother house for a few days.

Scene: 19023

Shekiba fall down near the oven. Samiullah asks the reason. Shukria says that Shekiba lost her control and suddenly she fall down on the surface.