Year: 28 Week: 28


Episode: 3799


Nazanin shows Shah Wali’s burnt shirt to Gul Makai. Gul Makai berated Nazanin for her carelessness. Shah Wali asks the reason. Gul Makai says that Nazanin has burnt your wedding shirt during ironing. Shah Wali asks Gul Makai to learn her home chores.


Hamida asks Shekiba the reason of her sadness. Shekiba says that her mother does not allow to continue her study and she wants to engage her with someone.

Scene: 18896

Nazir is taking care of his son, Abdul Qader and he is walking on the field.

Sayed Muhammad asks that why he has hugged his baby. Nazir says that his wife, Mah Jabin is busy in work with polio vaccination team.

Sayed Muhammad mocks him and asks him to make a kindergarten in Sarwar Khan’s house.


Ghafar says to Gul Makai that Ghulam has invited them to his house. Gul Makai asks Shah Wali to buy some chocolate and cookies. Shah Wali asks Gul Makai to forget these unnecessary customs.


Mujeeb comes home with his grandmother, Dilbaro in the morning. Shazia asks him that where he passed the night. Mujeeb says that some boys took eggs from him without paying money and he was afraid of her mother and then he spent the night with his grandmother.

Episode: 3800

Scene: 18999

Ghafar, Gul Makai, Shah Wali and Nazanin go to Ghulam house.

Sakina says to her daughter, Nazanin that whatever she likes, then she would prepare for her.

Nazanin says that she would never leave her mother house again.

Scene: 19000

Nazir is playing with Abdul Qader inside the room. Gulalai asks him to take the baby outside the house. Nazir says that some villagers mocking him and he is hidden inside the room.

Scene: 19001

Shahzia visits Ghotai along the way to her home. Shahzia asks if it is fair to take her land right from his father or not.

Ghotai says that she could ask because Allah has given this right to her.

Scene: 19002

Sakina is sweeping the house and she is whispering a song with herself.

Ghulam asks the reason for her happiness. Sakina says that Shah Wali wants to go abroad and Nazanin would live with us.

Scene: 19003

Shekia is weeping and scattering her books in the room. Her brother, Samiullah asks the reason.

Shekiba says that she wants to burn her books. Samiullah prevents her and says that burning books is a sin.

Episode: 3801

Scene: 19004

Shah Wali is preparing to leave the country for abroad and asks Gul Makai to let Nazanins go to her mother’s house.

Gul Makai considers it impossible and says that Nazanin is a married girl.

Scene: 19005

Mahjabin is busy in vaccinating children. Dilbaro says that she was not aware of the benefits of the polio vaccine before.

Mahjabin asks her to bring her grandchildren for vaccination.

Scene: 19006

Gulalai and Hamida are in the kitchen. Hamida seems sad. Gulalai asks the reason. Hamida says that Shekiba’s mother doesn’t allow Shakiba to study anymore because she wants to engage her with someone.

Scene: 19007

Shah Wali takes his travel luggage and wants to leave Ghafar’s house for abroad. He wants Gul Makai to keep Nazanin happy.

Gul Makai assures him that she would pay attention to Nazanin.

Scene: 19008

Shazia goes to her father’s house and wants Adam Khan to give her land tenure (property rights?)

Adam Khan becomes angry and says that he would never give her property right till he is alive.