New Skill in Making Pieces of jewelry

       Written by: Yama Rahi

Khalid is a goldsmith in Kabul city. He says to the AEPO’s writer/producer about his work: “I got six months training in India with jewelers and when I came back to Afghanistan, I started my own work with new skills. I print names and pictures of kids, animals or dolls and then I engrave them on golden or silver pieces of jewelry.

At the beginning, I was facing some problem. I damaged about 20 necklaces but later, I took part in a four months training workshop in Kabul, and now I could prepare any design according to the order of my customers and my sale raised up to 75% more than before.

Official jobs and Free Activities:

Many people are engaged in official and in private works in Afghanistan. Some of them have enough salary and could solve their economic problems and those, who get a low salary, they might not be able to fulfill their all needs but some of them have found a solution to this problem.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to a teacher, Humaira, a resident of Kabul city.

Humaira says: “my salary was not enough for me and i had to work hard and fulfill my home necessities. For this purpose, I started to prepare Bolanis at home and then sell them on the roadside. Later I opened a small shop for selling Bolani. My customers were increasing day by day and I borrow some money and changed the shop into a restaurant, and started my new activities by preparing, Ashak, Manto, and Bolani (special Afghani foods).

I have hired some workers in the restaurant and when I go to my official job, the workers proceed with the activities in the restaurant.

My economic condition is much better than before. I enrolled my children in kindergarten and they also go to a private school. My most customers are families. They eat Bolani and other foods in the restaurant and some of them take foods to their homes too.