Young Teacher

   Written by: Hesamuddin Hamdard

Thousands of girls and boys are graduating from higher education institutes every year. Some of them could get a job and some of them not.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some girls about this issue.

Lida Sediqi, a resident of Kabul city says: “I graduated from Sayed Jamaluddin Teacher Training Institute some years ago. I defended my monograph on the day of my graduation and got a card to participate in a qualifying exam but there is no such exam given us and I have not found a job yet.”

Some graduates, who have not found a job in the city, they have found jobs in the districts.

Sayeda Sayedi, a teacher in Qarabagh Girls High School, Kabul province says:

“when I was a tenth-grade student, I got married. After a few days, my husband injured and later he died. After finishing my high-school, I graduated from a teacher training institute in Kabul city but there was no job found in the city, I preferred to get a job as a teacher in Qarabagh district, Kabul province. My monthly salary reaches to 7400 Afghanis and I pay 2400 Afghanis for transportation. My brother gave me a house for living and my salary could fulfill my and my children necessities.”

The Story of a Boy:

Abdul Samad, a resident of Bamyan province says: “when I was a child, I went to Kabul and was working there in Kabul city. Later I became young and I married a girl and became a father of children. One-day, I asked my wife to leave Kabul for Bamyan on foot. I was carrying one of my children on my back. When we reached Hagigak pass, I sensed no movement of the child. I told my wife to see the child if he is dead to bury him but she said that he is still alive. After 48 hours of traveling, we reached Bamyan and there we spent two days and then we went to Shibarto (a residential area).

In Shibarto, we started to produce felt and during those days, we faced many economic problems. One-day a handicraft association in Bamyan asked us to start felt production with them and now we could gain 1000-4000 Afghanis net profit daily from our work.”