Year: 25 Week: 27


Scene: 18979

A number of people have gathered in Ghafar’s house. Rahim Dad is playing drum and Nazir is singing a song. Shah Wali appreciates.

Nazir asks Shah Wali to dance. Shah Wali accepts.

Scene: 18980

Shekiba is crying and says to Nargis that her mother wants her to get ready for her engagement with someone but there is no such proposal.

Nargis assures her and asks her not to worry about this issue.

Scene: 18981

Shazia goes to Abida’s house and says that Mujeeb sold the eggs that she had given to him.

Abida says that if she was able, she would do more assist.

Scene: 18982

Mah Jabin says to Nazir that she learned how to apply vaccine to the children under 5 years.

Nazir appreciates her learning and asks her to pay more attention during vaccination.

Scene: 18983

Shah Perai says to Gul Makai that she is happy for the ending of Shah Wali’s wedding ceremony without any problem.

Gul Makai wishes that Shah Wali might send us money from abroad.

Episode: 3697

Scene: 18984

Nazanin is weeping. Shah Wali says to Gul Makai that Nazanin missed her parents and wants her to take her to her father’s house.

Gul Makai says that it is shameful to send her to her father’s house until her mother does not invite her.


Fateh Khan complains that Allah Dad is an impolite and rude boy but Akbar denies and says that Allah Dad is a very kind boy. Akbar adds that Allah Dad helped him when his donkey was slipped in the mud.

Scene: 18986

Nazanin wants to cook Halwa and she asks Gul Makai how to cook it.

Gul Makai becomes angry and asks her that why she had not learned how to cook Halwa in her father house yet?

Scene: 18987

Mujeeb is weeping and a tray of broken eggs is in front of him.

Allah Dad asks him the reason. Mujeeb says that some boys took eggs but did not pay him.

Allah Dad asks him to sell eggs in front of his workshop.

Scene: 18988

Shukria is angry and wants her daughter, Shekiba to burn on the oven and bake loaves of bread. Shekiba says that she doesn’t know how to bake bread in the oven.

Episode: 3698

Scene: 18989

Shah Wali asks Gul Makai to have a good behavior with Nazanin.

Gul Makai says that she is not her enemy.

Scene: 18990

Mah Jabin says to Fatima that polio vaccine must be applied to children under five years.

Fatima says that she did not know about the importance of vaccine before today.

Scene: 18991

Gul Khan asks the reason of sadness of his sister, Shekiba from his wife, Nargis.

Nargis says that his mother wants her to engage her to someone.

Scene: 18992

Ghulam is eating Bolani and wants his wife, Sakina to share him too.

Sakina says that she could not eat anything without her daughter, Nazanin.

Scene: 18993

It is late evening. Shazia is sad and goes to Akbar’s house. She says to Zarmina that Mujeeb has not returned home then.

Zarmina wants her patient and says that she would ask her son, Samar Gul to find Mujeeb.