Year: 25, Week: 26


Episode: 3793

Scene: 18964

Shah Wali’s bed is spread on the surface of Gul Makai’s room. Gul Makai brings some chocolates and Atifa is playing tambourine and sings a song.

Atifa says that the bed is well-sewed.

Gul Makai says that she wants everything for his uncle’s wedding to be special.

Scene: 18965

Delbaro suggests to Shukria not to allow her daughter, Shekiba to study university because one-day she would marry.

Shukria refuses her suggestion and says that if Shekiba doesn’t study, she might face problems in the future like shazia.

Scene: 18966

Mah Jabin says to Gulalai that she could not continue her job as a vaccinator.

Gulalai assures her that she would convince Nazir to allow her to job.

Scene: 18967

Abida says to Shazia that she would give her chicken farm’s eggs to Mujib for selling.

 Shazia becomes happy and says that she would send her son, Mujib to Abida’s house.

Scene: 18968

Shah Wali is trying a pair new shoes for his wedding and says to Nasim that the shoe is very tight to his foot.

Adam Khan is laughing at him and says that he has put on the shoe on the wrong foot.

Episode: 3794

Scene: 18969

Many women and girls go to Ghulam’s house. Gulmakai asks Rabia Gul to put henna on Nazanin’s hand.

Rabia Gu becomes happy and thanks Gul Makai.

Scene: 18970

Fateh Khan seems angry, enters his room and warns her daughter, Shekiba that he doesn’t want to see the book in her hand anymore. He gives a bag of meat to Shekiba and asks her to cook it soon and adds that he would have a guest tonight.

Scene: 18971

Gulalai asks Nazir to let Mah Jabin to continue her job as a vaccinator.

Nazir says that he could not deny Gulalai’s saying.

Scene: 18972

Rahim Dad is cooking rice. Sayed Muhammad wants his attention to his cooking and says that Rahim Dad might cook Shola(a kind of Afghani foods, cooks from rice and mung beans).

Rahim Dad says that he is an expert in cooking and could cook pilau from shola.

Scene: 18973

Mujib wants to go to school but Shazia takes his school back and asks him to sell eggs instead of going to school.

Mujib becomes sad and asks her mother that what would happen to his education then.

Episode: 3795

Scene: 18974

Rabia Gul asks Shukria that why she rejected the admirer (wooer?) of Shekiba.

Shukria says that Shekiba wants to study university.

Scene: 18975

It’s the wedding day of Shah Wali. Nazanin is crying and doesn’t want to leave her Father’s home. Nazanin’s mother, Sakina is also crying and says to Nazanin that there is no way without leaving her father’s home.

Scene: 18976

Its raining and Akbar wants to take wheat to the mill but his donkey slipped in the mud.

Allah Dad comes and says that he would help him to bring out the donkey from the mud.

Scene: 18977

Shazia is cutting a chair with a small ax. Her mother, Delbaro asks him that why she is cutting the chair.

Shazia says that they don’t have firewood.

Scene: 18978

Shukria is angry and takes the book from Shekiba’s hand and throws it away.

Shekiba asks the reason.

Shukria says that she would not allow Shekiba to study more. She adds that it is the time to engage her with a boy.