Year: 25, Week: 25

Episode: 3790

Scene: 18949


Lal Baz, shams' father asks Shams that why he had a quarrel with Zaman.

Shams says that Zaman was teasingOmid.


Scene: 18950

Shazia says to Shukria, Samiullah’s mother, that it would be better for her son, Mujib if Smiullah hires him in his chicken farm.

 Shukria promises that she would talk to Samiullah.


Scene: 18951

Gul Makai is preparing Eid’s dresses to Nazanin and says that after Eid would be Shah Wali’s wedding ceremony.

Abida says that Nazanin is still a small girl and Shah Wali should postpone his wedding.



Mah Jabin says to Gulalai that she would leave her son, Abdul Qadir to Nargis during her job in polio vaccination team.

Gulalai asks her to solve the problem inside her house.

Scene: 18953

Rahim asks Jan Dad to send his children, Omid and Zarghona to school.

Jan Dad accepts and asks Rahim to inform him if they are absent from the school again.


Episode: 3791

Scene: 18954

Jan Dad asks Omid and Zarghona not to quarrel anymore in the school.

Scene: 18955

Rabia Gul, Gul Makai, and some other women are sitting in Sakina’s room; trays are full of dresses and cookies in front of them.

Sakina wishes if they have brought the Eidi in the evening time, they would have Iftar(breakfast) with her.

Gul Makai says that they fulfilled their customs.

Scene: 18956

Shukria says to her son, Samiullah that if hecould hire Majid’s son, Mujib in his chicken farm.

Samiullah says that he doesn’t need any co-worker.



Lal Baz, Jan Dad, and some other parents are gathered in the school office.

Lal Baz asks Rahim that what kind of help the parent could do for the school office.

Rahim asks them that not to allow their children to bring knives and other crime facilities to school.

Scene: 18958

Mah Jabin asks her husband, Nazir to take care of his son, Abdul Qadir during her job in vaccination team but Nazir denies.

Episode: 3792


Ghulam seems angry and asks Nazanin that why she has not put on the new dress that Gul Makai has brought to her.

Sakina says that Nazanin is still a small girl and she doesn’t know anything about the customs.

Scene: 18960

Mah Jabin says to Rahim that she is happy for solving the problem among students.

Rahim says that he had a meeting with the children's parents and they have advised their children.

Scene: 18961

Shukria says to Shazia that her son, Samiullah could not hire Mujib as his co-worker in his chicken farm. Shazia says that she worries about her future.


Rabia Gul sews a quilt and says to her son, Rahim that it belongs to Nazanin.

Rahim says that this wedding is injustice in Nazanin's right.

Scene: 18963

Allah Dad writes something to Shekiba and then tears it up. Samandar asks that what was written that piece of paper.

Allah Dad says that it was nothing but Samandar says that Allah could not forget his love.