year:24th , Week:13th

Karim and Allahdad went to jungle nightly with sticks and axes in hand to seize the unknown people who cross the jungle and carry things on animals. When Shaperai worriedly shared this matter with Rabiyagul, she ignored indifferently and asked Shahperai not to disturb her with nonsense.

 Ghafar wanted to go to the district bazaar so he took the clothes with him which were embroidered by Gul Makai and showed them to Jandad.

Jandad liked the designs and promised to help in selling them all. Ghafar could sell all the clothes with the help of Jandad for good prices and brought money to Gul Makai and promised that he will get her all the sewing materials

.  Shekiba helped Nargis in distributing the books in course. Gul Khan bought a school bag for Shekiba as gift for her hard word with Nargis.