Year: 25 Week: 24


Episode: 3687

Scene: 18934

Shazia seems sad and says to her mother, Dilbaro that his father, Adam Khan had money but did not borrow to her.

Dilbaro says that she has saved some money secretly and would help her and asks Shazia to find a job for herself.

Scene: 18935

Fatima says to Mah Jabin that her daughter and son, Zarghona and Omid afraid of Zaman and do not go to school.

Mah Jabin promises to solve this issue.

Scene: 18936

Nazanin is watching her face in the mirror and says to her mother, Sakina that her face burnt spots might not be recovered.

Sakina assures her that the doctor said that the spots might be recovered after applying the ointment.


Shakiba and Hamida are sitting in the room. Shekiba offers a bottle of apple jam to Hamida and says that she has prepared it herself.

Hamida becomes happy and wishes her success.


Mah Jabin and Rahim are in the school office. Mah Jabin says that those students, who had a quarrel, are not attending to the school.

Rahim says that he would share the issue with their families.

Episode: 3688

Scene: 18939

Samar Gul says to Jan Dad that Rahim asked him to inform you from the quarrel took place between Omid and his classmate, Zaman and Omid and Zarghona do not attend the school.

Jan Dad asks that why his wife, Fatima did share the issue with him.

Scene: 18940

Ghulam seems sad and says to Pur Dil that Nazanin’s hands and face are badly burnt.

Pur Dil says that Shah Wali might quit the wedding.

Scene: 18941

Mah Jabin says to Gul Makai that she is enrolled in polio vaccination team.

Gul Makai says that it is shameful for her.

Scene: 18942

Jan Dad seems angry and asks his son, Omid that why he has not gone to school.

Omid’s mother, Fatima says that a quarrel has taken place between him and his classmate, Zaman and now they are afraid of Zaman.

Jan Daad orders Omid to start going to school from next day. Fatima asks Jan Dad to solve the issue first.

Scene: 18943

Shazia is talking on the telephone with her husband, Majid. Shazia complains from her father, Fateh Khan that he did not help her.

Majid asks her to visit her father and asks her land property rights.


Episode: 3689


Shazia says to Gul Makai that Majid asked her to give her land property rights from her father, Adam Khan.

Gul Makai prevents her and says that it is shameful to ask for her land rights.


Abida, Gul Khan, and Lalbaz are the members of village education council and are talking under a tree in the village.

Abida asks Lalbaz and Gul Khan to prevent the quarrel among the students.

Lalbaz promises to find a solution to this issue.


Shah Perai says to Rabia Gul that Mah Jabin enrolled in polio vaccination team but Gul Makai mocked her.

Rabia Gul appreciates Gul Makai’s reaction. Shah Perai says that the presence of female vaccinator in the team is very important.

Scene: 18947

Sayed Muhammad says to Shah Wali that you have to prepare Eid gifts for your fiancé.

Shah Wali says that his fiancé’s hands and face have burnt and he would marry her after Eid.

Scene: 18948

Rahim, Gul Khan, and Lalbaz are talking about the students' quarrel.

Rahim says to Lalbaz that shams has injured his classmate, Zaman with nail cutter knife.

Lalbaz says that he was not aware of the issue and promises that he would help to solve the issue.