Violence or Kindness?

Zubair and his sister, Jamila want to go to the castle to visit Lalo Mama. Zubair scolds Jamila for going slow.

Jamila says that she could not go faster because she senses pain in her feet. They reached to the castle and Lalo Mama greets them.

Jamila says to Lalo Mama that Zubair was scolding her on the way to the castle because her feet have pain and could not walk well. Lalo Mama takes them to the corridor of the castle and there he gives a pair of sandals to Jamila. Lalo Mama says that Jamila’s feet have swollen and he asks Zubair to be kind to his small sister because scolding small girls would have a bad effect on them and he opens a window for his guests.


In the window, the reporter of the castle says that if you have a good behavior with someone, the other side would also treat you in a good manner. The reporter talks with some youths about this issue.

Nisar says that if he does a wrong work, his older brother beats him.

Nawida says: “one-day I have burnt a carpet by mistake, my older sister scolded me. When I went to school, I could not learn my lessons because I was thinking that if my sister tells my father, he might beat me.”

Nadia, a ninth-grade student of Alaie high school, Jalalabad city, Nangarhar province says: “my brothers were always scolding me and now I could not talk even to my teachers and nor could take part in any meeting in the school.”

The reporter also talks to a psychologist, Sharafuddin Azimi.

Sharafuddin Azimi says: “youngsters have to control their anger. If they punish their small sisters of brothers, these children might face fear during bedtime and would not be able to learn their school lessons well. Youngsters have to talk to the children with kindness and if they do a wrong work, youngsters have to hear the reasons of the children and find a solution to it because scolding is not the way of understanding.”

Lalo Mama closes the window. Zubair promises that he would no longer scold his sister and he would also ask his friends not to scold their small sisters and brothers too.