Fatty liver

   Written by: Wahida Sabir

The liver is the second largest organ in the body. Its function is to process everything we eat or drink and filter any harmful substances from the blood. This process is interrupted if too much fat is in the liver.

Fatty liver, or hepatic steatosis, is a term that describes the buildup of fat in the liver. It’s normal to have some fat in your liver, but too much fat could become a health problem.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some patients and a physician about this disease.

   Dad Muhammad, a resident of Bagram district of Kabul province who has fatty liver says: “I suffer from high blood pressure and fatigue and have lost my physical strength."

 Another patient, Nasrin says: “I always have a headache and suffer from my dry mouth.”

Doctor Ruhullah Faiz, an internist in Jamhoriat hospital, Kabul city says: “vomiting, high blood pressure in the digestive system veins, uncertain pain in the right and upper abdomen, Fatigue, lethargy, and weakness are the main symptoms of fatty liver, if not treated, it would harden the liver and disrupts its functions.”


Nasrin says: “at the beginning, I did not understand that I have the fatty liver disease, and I was eating too many eggs, French fries, and sweets. Now my weight increased from 85 kgs to 110 kgs and I even could not easily walk.”

Abdul Matin, a resident of Mirbacha Cot district of Kabul city says that he doesn’t know anything about fatty liver.

Doctor Faiz says: “obesity, hyperlipidemia, or high levels of fats in the blood, diabetes, genetic inheritance, rapid weight loss, drinking alcohol, fatty, and fast foods could cause fatty liver.”


A woman from Herat province says: “I always eat vegetables and fresh fruits.”

Nasrin says: “I was mixing pomegranate juice with lemon and drinking it and I was eating watermelon and cucumber with bread and now I feel much better than before.”

Doctor confirms the patients' diet and says that the patients should add fish and less fatty diaries to their daily foods, increase their physical activity and exercises and prevent excessive use of medicines.”