Year: 25 Week: 23


Episode: 3784

Scene: 18919

Fatima’s foot slipped into a stream and Atifa helps and asks her that why she is in hurry.

Fatima says that a quarrel has taken place between her son, Omid and one of his classmates, Zaman.

Scene: 18920

Hamida wants to bring down boiling milk from the stove but Nargis prevents her and says that she might burn as Nazanin.

Scene: 18921

Janbaz and Adam Khan are talking in the lane. Majid son, Mujib is playing with other boys in the alley.

Janbaz says to Adam Khan that your grandson, Mujib’s clothes are very old. Adam Khan says that he pays their expenses.

Scene: 18922

Mah Jabin says to Hamida that she heard from the radio that they need female vaccinators.

Hamida says that she could also contact the related office.

Scene: 18923

Fatima warns her son, Omid that if he quarrels again, she would inform Jandad.

Omid afraid that his classmates might inform Jandad.

Episode: 3785

Scene: 18924

Shams has hanged his school bag on a tree branch. Qambar Gul asks him that why he did not go to school.

Shams says that it's his break time and he would go then.

Scene: 18925

Gul Makai says to Sakina that if Nazanin does not recover, her wedding would be postponed.

Sakina becomes angry and says to Gul Makai that she is only thinking about the wedding and has no kindness to Nazanin.



Shazia says to Nargis that her son, Mujib doesn’t have a pen and notebooks. Nargis promises her to prepare the stationary for him. Shazia asks her not to inform Shukria.

Scene: 18927

Mah Jabin asks Gulalai if she could handle vaccination work or not. Gulalai assures her that she could do it.

Scene: 18928

Students are playing on the school ground. Omid asks Shams that if Zaman finds him alone, he would beat him.

Shams advises him not to walk alone anymore.

Episode: 3786

Scene: 18929

Fatima says to her daughter, Zarghona that she has washed her and Shams’s school uniform.

Zarghona says that she and Shams are afraid of Zaman and do not go to school.

Scene: 18930

Mah Jabin says to her husband, nazir that she wants to be a member of polio vaccinators team. Nazir becomes angry and says that he would never allow her.

Scene: 18931

Gul Makai comes back to her home and says that Nazanin might not recover soon. Shah Wali says that he has to postpone his travel to abroad.

Scene: 18932

Fatima says to Shah Perai that Omid and Zarghona do not want to go to school.

Shah Perai asks her to share the issue with Jandad.

Scene: 18933

Shazia asks Adam Khan to lend her some money. Adam Khan says that he doesn’t have cash and he would give her some flour and ghee.