The Importance of Experience in business

   Written by: Yama Rahi

In the last three decades, a large number of Afghans, have migrated to different countries. Some of them took advantage of the opportunity and have learned an occupation and when they came back to the country, they have started their own business.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked Jamil who makes locks.

Jamil says: “during my migration to one of our neighboring countries, I considered that lock making works has more income, so I started work in one of lock making shops. I learned to make and program safe locks, door locks, car locks and others in five years. When I came back to Afghanistan, I opened my own lock making shop here in Kabul city and now I have a good income from my shop.

Paint Production:

Ikhtiar Gul, a resident of Paktia province produce paint in a factory.

He says: “At the beginning, I had been working as a metal worker. As I saw that paints have a good market in Afghanistan, so I wanted to have my own paint producing factory.

As I did not have experience in this Field and did not have enough money, so I started work with one of my friends who had experience in paint manufacturing sector and we established a paint producing a factory.

My partner knew how to combine paints and what materials are needed in producing paints. After a few years, he left the country and I bought his share too.

I became able to find more customers by using the experiences of my partner and now I could solve my all problems.