Food Poisoning

Written by: Mohammad Nasir Sirat

With the warming of the air, different varieties of illness including food poisoning could affect some people but elders and children are more most likely to be at risk due to their weak immunity of the body.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some patients and a physician about this issue.

A patient, Abdul Zahir says that hek is suffering from food poisoning, he had vomiting, stomach ache, and body pain.

Fariha, a resident of Panjshir province says: “I suffer from diarrhea, fever, a pain in my shoulders and around my abdomen and I also suffer from Lethargy.”

Problems of Food Poisoning:

Doctor Faridullah Omari, a specialist of infectious diseases in one of the hospitals, Kabul city says: “Symptoms of food poisoning usually occur after eating contaminated food. The main symptoms of food poisoning are feeling nauseous and vomiting, diarrhea might have blood, abdominal pain, lack of prenatal energy, weakness and loss of appetite, fever and muscle aches, and some signs of dehydration. If a person loses his/her appetite and stops eating and drinking, it might cause his/her death.”


Mohammad Qahir, a resident of Herat province says: "one day I ate Kabab in the market, I think that it was not cooked well, and it caused me food poisoning.”

Maryam, a resident of Shakardara district of Kabul province says: “stale and not well-cooked foods might cause food poisoning”.

Doctor Faridullah Omari says: “The causes of food poisoning could be  using stale foods, do not take proper care of cleanliness during cooking, the use of contaminated water, or foods prepared in kitchen utensils that are not completely cleaned. Use of animal products that have been kept for long periods of time and raw vegetables and fruits that are not washed properly could be caused food poisoning.”

How people treat food poisoning?

Juma Gul, a resident of Laghman province says: says: “once I had face food poisoning, I drank lukewarm liquids at home but it did not recover my disease, then I had to go to a physician.”

The doctor says: “If there is a mild food poisoning, home remedies such as lemon juice, salt, and water mixture are useful. If there is no change seen in the patient's health condition, they must be taken to a physician or a clinic for essential treatment.”