Year: 25 Week: 22


Episode: 3781

Scene: 18904

Shukria visits Shazia along the way. Shazia has put on the torn sandals.

Shukria asks her to repair them. Shazia says that she would throw them away because her husband, Majid is working with a company in a foreign country and he would send her a lot of money.

Scene: 18905

Omid is sitting along the way and he is crying. Shams asks the reason. Omid says to that his classmate, Zaman who is older them him, is harassing him.

Shams says that he would solve this problem.

Scene: 18906

Mah Jabin has taken her son, Abdul Qader to the clinic and she faces a woman who also has taken his baby to the clinic. The woman says that her baby suffers from paralysis because their men do not allow their women to apply polio vaccine to their children by male vaccinators.

Mah Jabin becomes sad and wishes if there would be female vaccinators too in the village.

Scene: 18907

Zarghona says to her brother, Shams that she would inform her father, Jan Dad that her classmate, Zaman with whom Shams quarreled, is harassing her.

Shams warns her not to tell to his father because he would beat me.


Ghulam and Sakina are busy in making mud-oven in their yard. Sakina says to Ghulam that she would go to put down the pressure cooker from the stove.

Ghulam asks her to ask Nazanin to put down the pressure cooker from the stove. When Nazanin puts down the pressure cooker from the stove, a terrible voice of a pressure cooker and the crying of Nazanin are heard.

Episode: 3782

Scene: 18909

When Sakina goes to the kitchen, she sees that Nazanin’s hand and face are burnt.

Sakina asks Ghulam to take Nazanin to the clinic. Ghulam says that he is fasting and could take her now to the clinic.

Scene: 18910

Students are playing on the playground. Omid says to Shams that he is afraid of Zaman and could not play in the ground. Shams asks him to bring a knife with himself next day.

Scene: 18911

Shazia goes to Zarmina's house to borrow some flour from her. Zarmina accepts and asks about Majid.

Shazia says that only once he called after leaving the country and then his mobile is switched off.

Scene: 18912

Nasim asks Allah Dad to go with him to buy clothes for Eid. Nasim seems sad and says if Shekiba accepts to go with him for shopping.

Scene: 18913

Omid wants takes nail cutter which has a knife in it to school. Zarghona says that she would inform her father. Omid beats her.

Episode: 3783

Scene: 18914

Omid gives the nail cutter to Shams and says to him that it has a knife too. Shams says that he would ask his other friends to beat Zaman together.

Scene: 18915

Gulalai is dressing Nazanin bunt face and hands and asks Sakina the reason of burning.

 Sakina says that Ghulam forced her to put down the pressure cooker from the stove and the incident took place.

Gulalai calls Ghulam a cruel man because he engaged his small daughter to an old man and now he forces Nazanin to hard work.

Scene: 18916

Zarmina visits Mah Jabin near the water pump. Mah Jabin seems sad and Zarmina asks the reason.

Mah Jabin says that she saw a baby was suffering from paralysis in the clinic due to the lack of female vaccinators in the village.

Scene: 18917

Shazia and Atifa are collecting vegetables from the field. Atifa asks her to find a job for herself because her husband, Majid has gone abroad.

Shazia says that she has not enough money to start her own work.

Scene: 18918

Zarghona says to her mother that a quarrel took place between Omid and his classmate, Zaman.

Fatima asks her to take care of the home and she would go to see what is going on.