Year: 25 Week: 21

Episode: 3778


Mullah asks Rahim about the issue of lack of the teachers.

Rahim says that the education department of the province would send some teachers for the time being and they would get fees for their teaching and later, the department would send some professional teachers.

Scene: 18890

Ghulam is happy that Shah Wali accepted his wishes but his wife, Sakina asks him to postpone the wedding for one or two years.

Scene: 18891

It is a night time. Majid is talking with his wife Shazia while their children are asleep.

Shazia says to Majid that his trip to abroad would be hard for their children.

Majid says that his life is in danger and he has to leave the country.

Scene: 18892

Jandad brings some notebooks and gives them to Omid and Zarghona. Jandad asks Zarghona if the issue of lack of the teacher is solved.

Zarghona says that education department has sent someteachers and they would send professional teachers later.

Scene: 18893

Sakina goes to Rabia Gul house and asks Rabia Gul to help in postponing Shah Wali's wedding.

Rabia Gul says that it is not possible because Shah Wali is going to abroad soon.

Episode: 3779

Scene: 18894

Ghulam is counting the money of Nazanin's wedding expenses. Sakina asks him to prepare something for Nazanin.

Ghulam says that Nazanin is going abroad and she doesn’t need anything.

Scene: 18895

Rahim and Mah Jabin are sitting in the school office. Nazanin says that she is happy for solving the issue of lack of the teachers. Rahim says that he is also happy for that.

Scene: 18896

Hamida seems sad and says to Gulalai that if Sarwar Khan had allowed her, she would have also taken the university entry exam.

Gulalai assures her that she has one chance more to take part in university entry exam.

Scene: 18897

It is night time.  Majid’s son, Mujib is awakened and says to his mother, Shazia that he badly dreamt his father.

Shazia assures him that Majid would reach safely to his target.

Scene: 18898

Gul Makai asks Sakina if she is busy in preparing wedding necessities for Shazia.

Sakina says that Ghulam did not give her money to prepare what Nazanin needs for his wedding.

Episode: 3780


Gul Makai asks Rabia Gul to sew a quilt for Shah Wali’s wedding.

Rabia Gul asks her to bring her a chocolate as gift.


Gul Khan stops Akbar along the way and says that he has good news for him.

Akbar asks about the news. Gul Khan says that he and Rahim have gone to the provincial education department and they would send some teachers to the school.

Akbar becomes happy to hear such good news.

Scene: 18901

Shekiba seems very happy and she is cleaning her house alone. Her mother, Shukria asks the reason.

Shekiba says that she took the university entry exam.


Scene: 18902

Qambar Gul is sitting in Nasim’s shop. Qambar Gul says that he could not find a job without knowing anyone.

Nasim asks him to try his best and he would find a good job.

Scene: 18903

Adam Khan’s wife, Dilbaro asks Shazia if Majid reached abroad.

Shazia says that once Majid has called and now his mobile is off.