Harassment on the Way to School

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Khalid was a 5th-grade student. His house was far from the school. Fayaz was also a student in the same school where Khalid was and he was older than Khalid.

 One-day, when Khalid was on the way to school, Fayaz stopped him and asked to play cricket with him.

Khalid said that it is getting late for his school but Fayaz slapped on his shaved head. Khalid cried and warned him that he would inform his father. Fayaz threw Khalid’s school bag into the stream.

Khalid took his bag and went to school. In the break time, Khalid’s friend, Farid asked him that why he was late.

Khalid told him the whole story. Meanwhile, they saw that Fayaz was coming toward school. Khalid and Farid left the place and went back to class.

When Khalid went home, he told to his father about Fayaz. Next day, Khalid’s father accompanied him to school. When they reached near to a big tree, Khalid saw that Fayaz was waiting with another boy, Najib to annoy Khalid again, but when Fayaz saw Khalid's father, he and Najib escaped.

Khalid’s father shared the issue with Fayaz’s father. Fayaz’s father told to Fayaz that if he annoys small boys, some older boys might cause your harassment .

Fayaz accepted his fault and promised that he would no longer annoy anyone.