Health risks of taking Medicines during pregnancy without Consulting a physician

Written by: Wahida Sabir

The most important period for a woman is her pregnancy because both the child and the mother need serious health care. However, if a pregnant woman takes medicines without consulting a physician, she and her child might face some health problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some mothers and a physician about this issue.

A mother from Kunduz province says: “when I was pregnant, I was taking medicines without the prescription of my doctor and in the result, I delivered a baby with cleft lip and now she has difficulties in feeding on breasts.”

Another mother from Farza district of Kabul province says that she was taking medicines without the prescription of the doctor during pregnancy, and she aborted a baby at seven months.


Some other mothers say that they have also faced the same problems.


Doctor Abdul Baqi, a trainer of gynecologists in Rabia Balkhi Hospital, Kabul city says: “taking medicines without the prescription of the doctor during pregnancy could cause bleeding, stomach ache, premature birth for the mothers and delivering a cleft lip or cleft palate baby. The babies might have a hole in their hearts and face mental retardation.”

Some families take care of their pregnant women and do not allow them to take medicines without consulting the doctor.

A mother says: “I have seven children and have never taken medicine without the prescription of a doctor and all my children are in good health condition.”

Sayed Anwar, a resident of Farah province says that he is the father of six children and has never allowed her wife to take medicines without the prescription of the doctor during her pregnancy.

Farhad, a resident of Kapisa province says that when her wife feels sick, he takes her to a doctor and he has never allowed her to take medicines without a prescription.

Doctor Abdul Baqi says: “if a pregnant woman has abnormal bleeding, swelling of hands and feet, headache, vertigo, and nausea, she should visit the doctor without any hesitate because the delay in treatment might cause serious problems to the pregnant woman including the loss of lives of the mother and her baby.”