Year: 25 Week: 20

Episode: 3775

Scene: 18874

Mullah asks Abida to inform the members of education council to gather in the village council. Abida accepts.

Scene: 18875

Gul Khan takes her sister, Shekiba in his car to the center of the province to take part in the university entry exam. The car damages along the way. Shekiba worries that she might miss the exam but Gul Khan assures her that he would show the car to a mechanic for repairing.

Scene: 18876

Shazia, majid’s wife is invited to a wedding ceremony but she doesn’t want to go. Majid asks the reason. Shazia says that she doesn’t have any new dress.

Scene: 18877

Shah Wali is getting ready to leave for abroad  and leaves his fiancé, Nazanin. Majid asks the reason. Shah Wali says that Ghulam wants extra money.

Majid asks him to postpone his travel and promises  that he would send some elders of the village to Ghulam’s house to solve this issue.

Scene: 18878

Gul Khan and Shekiba are waiting for the car to be repaired. Allah Dad says that it would be better to take a taxi because the repairing would take more time.

Episode: 3776

Scene: 18879

Fateh khan says to his son, Samiullah that he saw Gul Khan’s car in front of Allah Dad’s workshop.

Samiullah says that he called to Gul Khan and the car has some technical problems.

Scene: 18880

Abida, Mullah, Rahim, Gul khan and some other people are in the office of the village council.

Mullah says that they would find a solution to the lack of the teachers.

Abida asks that representations of school and education council should share the issue with education department.

Scene: 18881

Ghafar shares the issue of Shah Wali’s wedding expenses with Adam Khan and wants him to go with Shah Wali and him to Ghulam’s house.

Adam Khan accepts. Shah Wali thanks him.

Scene: 18882

Women are gathered in a wedding ceremony. Dilbaro seems sad. Gul Makai asks the reason. Dilbaro says that Shazia did not come to the wedding because she doesn’t have new dress.

Scene: 18883

Rabia Gul asks her son, Rahim that why he goes alone to provincial center.

Rahim assures her that other villagers also accompany him.

Episode: 3777

Scene: 18884

Shams asks his grandfather, Janbaz about the result of the village council’s session.

Janbaz says that the representatives would follow the issue in the education provincial department.

Scene: 18885

Adam Khan and Ghafar go to Ghulam’s house. Adam Khan asks Ghulam to reduce the wedding expenses. Ghulam denies but Adam Khan wants him to think about it.

Scene: 18886

It is night. Majid goes to Adam Khan’s house and says to Dilbaro to hide him in their house.

Dilbaro asks the reason. Majid says that he is involved in drug abuse but now he wants to leave it.

Scene: 18887

Shekiba visits Hamida and says that she took the university entry exam. Hamida wishes if she has also taken the exam.

Scene: 18888

Jan Dad asks Rahim about the result of his visit to provincial education department.

Rahim says that they hired some new teachers and would pay fees for them.