Flowing Gold

Written by: Asma Kakar

A rabbit, a roaster, and a monkey were living together in a jungle. There was a pond near the jungle and these animals were always drinking water from this pond.

Rabbit, roster, and monkey were used to play in the pond.

One-day, when they scattering water here in there, a crow saw and asked them not to waste the pond water because the pond might get dry, but they did not listen.

After sometimes, the pond dried and all animals faced problems. Rabbit, roaster, and monkey were very thirsty but there was no water. They saw some animals were drinking water from a well. They also went there. When they reached to the well, they wanted to drink water but a dear asked them to pay for water. They said that they have nothing to pay.

A bear said if they do not pay, then they have to dig a well. Rabbit, roaster, and monkey tried to dig a well but they could not and got very tired.

The roaster was near to die of thirst but other animals gave her a little water.

They traveled a long distance and reached to another jungle which had enough water. They were very tired and regret to waste the water of their own pond.